The world is warming faster than we thought


“It’s worse than we thought. Scientists may have hugely underestimated the extent of global warming because temperature readings from southern hemisphere seas were inaccurate…”

“Quantifying underestimates of long-term upper-ocean warming”


What do you think you and I should do about this grave problem?:confused:


Use Less Hot Water
Use Less Gas (Walk/Ride Bike/Electric Car)
Use the Off switch and turn off lights/unplug
Change your light bulbs
Plant trees/flowers


It would take a profound change in lifestyle to reverse the course of destruction.As you and I sit here keyboarding on our PCs we are using electricity.That electricity to varying degrees is powered by coal, coal is a very destructive to the environment.Lets say we are more frugal with how much electricity we use,really…how much of a difference will that make? I find that if I start pointing fingers that only gets me so far? we are ALL consumers, we are all part of the problem.Very few people live a pure life in regards to pollution.I struggle with guilt over this subject, even if I do my best I feel it is futile.Even so after my wife passes away( she is on hospice care) I will do everything I can to eliminate my dependence on fuels that pollute.I can not take her comfort away in regards to house climate control etc…It annoys me so much when our government promotes green energy, their hypocrisy is astounding.Numerous American companies are allowed to move their pollution emitting factories to even more corrupt countries like China that allow virtually any type of pollution.So you and I turn off our unused household lights…great, think about all the unabated pollution created by other countries.It is very depressing.Our only hope is to boycott companies that create pollution, that will not be easy? I mean what options do we have to replace their goods and services? we have natural gas companies that are ruining our precious water sources by pumping poison into the ground to extract the gas.We use there product, we are culpable.I want to eliminate natural gas from my house, replacing dirty power with a clean power source is much more challenging.It deeply saddens me how we are destroying our environment…


We all be rooned says Hanrahan! The science is not settled nor exact. But it is good to save natural resources and look after the little animals and protect Bambi…God is a great conservationist. Best to leave it in His hands whilst doing your own little bit. Everyone else is ignoring it. When China, India and Russia and America do something real there may be some small impact; however whilst the Warming has stopped for the last decade with a massive increase in CO2 gases, the correlation is not as exact as predicted by the flawed models of climatologists.


I’ll start believing in global warming when Gore gives up his private jet.


He’s destroying the environment in order to save it. It’s quite noble. In fact, he’s earned the right to cause more environmental damage than the average small city because of all he’s done to line his pockets, I mean further the cause.


It amazes me how the left is so eager to impoverish working people and serve the rich. The Al Gores and John Kerrys and Warren Buffetts are not going to care very much whether their electricity bills go up or their fuel bills increase. They can easily afford it.

But young families that want to keep their children warm or go to Mass together or get to work? Make them pay! In my state, it is estimated that Obama’s war on coal will cost each person an additional $1400/year for utilities. Not a problem for the rich, but a big problem for a family making $40,000/year or less. An even bigger one for an elderly couple living on social security.

But then, the plutocrats and their servitors always seem to have that approach to things. It does amaze, though, that some are so willing,even eager, to kiss up to the rich and powerful.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the electorate supports its own impoverishment at the polls. It appears the MMGW fears are subsiding among the people of this country, so maybe it will not happen despite the $100 million dollar bribe from billionaire Tom Steyer to the Democrats given to squelch energy development.




With God, all things are possible.

My electricity now is 100% alt – 43% solar and 57% wind. We also power our Chevy Volt with this 100% alt energy, only driving it about 1200 miles on gasoline per year, plus driving our ICE minivan (which we need for hauling things locally) another 1000 miles on gasoline.

We also “reduce” and “reuse,” understanding that every product has a greenhouse gas component (esp the ones from China, as you point out), not to mention other pollution that harms and kills as GW does.

But we wouldn’t have gotten to this point of reducing our GHG emissions and concomitant pollution and waste by more than 60% below our 1990 emissions if we had not started with baby steps 25 yrs ago – recycling, changing to CF bulbs, insulating our home better, getting a $6 low-flow showerhead (cutting hot water use in half and saving us $2500 since), etc.

These are the things of the Little Way of Environmental Healing:

We are faced with enormous environmental problems that harm people, and destroy property and wildlife. Everyone needs to help solve these.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus teaches us the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood. She felt she could not perform the big mortifications of the saints. We also feel we cannot go back to a lifestyle without cars and modern conveniences.

St. Therese, though, was determined to become a saint. She read, “Whoever does not accept the kingdom of God as a little child will not enter into it.” Following this, St. Therese in childlike simplicity offered God all of her small deeds of ordinary life, and placed all her trust in God to help her scale the cliffs of perfection and avoid temptations. This is the Little Way. “Not everyone can fast, or wear hair shirts, or spend hours in prayer,” she used to say, “but everyone can love!” One thing alone is needful: all must be done for love of God.

What is needed to solve the big environmental problems is a life of many small deeds done out of love for God. We need to offer many small prayers to help us understand the problems and find solutions, and then more prayers to carry out our actions in daily life.

We need faith that our small deeds will, with God’s grace, amount to more than a meaningless drop in the bucket, letting Jesus multiply our fish & loaves; Mother Teresa said our love makes our small deeds infinite. We need hope that we will one day be rejoicing with God in heaven, so we need not be too concerned with worldly riches, comforts, and status. We need the charity of joyfully sharing God’s bounty and beauty with others around the world and in the future by helping to save the Earth.

You are a great soul to be concerned about the environment with all your difficulties. I’ll be praying for you and your wife, and put it in our OCDS Carmelite prayer petition book.


:yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

I’m an environmental scientist. Anyone else want to hand over their freedom to me on a silver platter? :smiley:


I’ve always been puzzled by the environmentalist religion. It seems that all of these people who are doing “good things” help the environment, such as recycling, using “alternative” energy, etc., actually think that they are making a difference. I think it has everything to do with making themselves feel like they are having an impact on the world, and very little with actually doing the math to see if their actions are having any impact whatsoever.

I just think it’s sad that so many people are so completely brainwashed that they are unable to get out of the rut.


As someone who does recycle and attends environmental groups I’m well aware my impact is about as useful as preying for som1 to get better. We do it so we can sleep soundly at night.


You say it helps you sleep at night? Do you mean by that that it helps you feel like you are at least trying to do something, even if you know the real effect is infinitesimal?

Actually, prayer IS useful. God does listen to our prayers, and they often have a very profound impact.

Recycling, on the other hand has such a small impact, and is also so expensive, that it can’t be said to effectively counteract “global warming”, so called, at all.


I have already become a slave to God and His holy will.

Since He gave us free will, you are free to choose whatever you will. I hope and pray it is to protect life and not to harm it. :slight_smile:


in between the excessive (over 100%) energy cost in doing things like ethanol (which is also ruinous to our engines, esp if we try to reduce their use), and the terrible pollution caused in other nations like China caused by mining the rare-earth minerals needed for solar panels, wind turbines, and the like.

The whole thing is an ironic boondoggle.


Focused on this worldly calculations, we tend to forget God’s math and Divine Economy.

We tend to forget that God uses all instruments to bring us to Him…the Hound of Heaven. :slight_smile:


But Bambi tastes REALLY good. :smiley:

Seriously, I’m not worried about global warming. :shrug:


Although I have read that a conspiracy is exactly that until proven otherwise at the same time when big one-making concerns are the ones heading all the global warming issues and to the point where people have written books speaking against the whole concept I think it is better to not go wild although it is a good Christian practice to be resourceful and careful with the world we have been given anyway. Even if something is a massive money spinner for some people, looking after our environment and animals is a good thing, so a reminder, even if a false or misdirected one, is not always a bad thing as a consequence if it helps us to look again at the world around us more responsibly and more lovingly. :rolleyes::slight_smile:


You are correct that God does not think as men think. I reject your position, however, the God wants us to act against global warming, because I reject the idea that global warming is a thing which we can and should be fighting against. Temperature fluctuations are a part of earth’s existence, and at all times there are parts of the earth getting hotter and other parts getting colder. That’s just normal.

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