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It brings out the worst in us. We certainly cannot expect much agreement as we all come from so many perspective. But discourse gets ugly fast and we are so easily drawn into it. Our buttons get pushed and some of us cant resist responding. And it goes on and on. I doubt anything is really accomplished other than damage to our souls.

So I am going to try my best not to argue. There are very few things I actually know anything about anyway. We get entangled with people on this forum that we would usually walk away from in person.

So I will disengage from argument and post only what can be peaceful and helpful to others. Life is too short to try to change others on a forum such as this. I will share my opinions if asked and read others, but no more debate for me.


Well, you have my permission to pick away at my comments. I don’t mind :man_shrugging:t2:



I Think you were one I agreed with…maybe not…



As if we need your permission to pick away at your comments! Who made you the boss? Such gall! Such arrogance!

That’s strange…I’m normally never so combative. It must be that World News magic.

World News threads used to need an article link to stay open, so here’s an (old) article


News is bad for you - and giving up reading it will make you happier

Opinion, bias, rhetoric and persuasion are bad for you. Giving it up will make you happier.

Real news is mostly boring. If it doesn’t make you nod off it might not be news.


This is a good time to remind everyone that this forum used to be so much better when we had real live on-the-job moderators who enforced strict rules. We got along. There were still arguments, but we had to make them according to higher standards of civility. Bring back the moderators! Bring back the moderators! (continue chant…)


Can’t we self moderate? Isn’t that part of being an adult?


The moderators are working. Posters are being suspended so it is not like no one is moderating.


They used to do so much more!


I do remember if a thread was wandering or getting too uncharitable a moderator would come on the thread and remind posters to be charitable or to stick to the topic of the thread.


All available evidence is that we cannot.


I’m pretty sure the old moderators are no longer here. There was one per sub forum.


Well, they could come back as normal posters?


If they are here, they don’t seem to be imposing any standards of civility on posters. People are openly insulting each other. Remember when they used to intervene and say ‘discuss the points and not each other?’


Based on their level of involvement, I would guess that the moderators were paid staff. It is hard to get that kind of quality work from volunteers. My guess is that CAF just ran out of money. That is why I have been floating the idea of having us all chip in and hire them back. I don’t know how much it would take, but I would be willing to pay something for the privilege of participating in a moderated forum.


But they wouldn’t have any moderating abilities like the power to close a thread that’s getting heated.


I think the moderators now with CAF definitely discipline people and they shut down threads too. Several times now I have come to my computer after an absence and some thread or other is closed.


I haven’t used this site much over the course of 2018, so I can’t specify if things have gotten worse, but there were nonstop arguments and insults back in the last few months of the old CAF World News.


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