The world's oldest person is 117! In her honor, 5 longevity secrets


I read about this lovely lady yesterday. She credits her long life to eating two eggs daily since she was about 20 years old.

She also enjoys gianduiotti candies, and eats about a pound a week.

I like them as well, so I think maybe I’ll add those to my diet and see what happens.


In the end,genetics is probably the greatest determinant of longevity.Having said that,I too eat eggs every day,not chocolate so much but I can always change that!:stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! 117 that is hard to imagine. Good for her. And with that, I’m continuing with my eggs eating ways! I’ve been eating 4 eggs of late. They are inexpensive and I don’t believe in the cholesterol theory of heart disease. I don’t hold back on the chocolates either.

I have my doubts eating this way will help me to live longer. Come to think of it I had a grandfather that ate eggs frequently, pretty much every day. He lived to be 81 years old. Maybe he should have eaten more chocolate for the feel good endorphin high.


So she would have been born in 1899!? :eek: Pretty cool.


Yes. Apparently she is the last survivor of the 19th century.


A diet of eggs, bananas and cookies. Single for many years after a difficult marriage. My future longevity is looking good!


And she’s eating at least one egg raw! But she lives in Italy so I think they’re probably farm eggs, and she doesn’t eat fruit and veggies either.

I bet some of the doctors as well as nutritionists are going to be told by their patients that they’re going to be eating eggs too! I think it’s a matter of genetics too. She’s probably outlived more than one doctor in her lifetime.

I think that in they’re finding out that sometimes heart problems aren’t caused by diet but by other things. I think eating in moderation is the key.


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