The worst and most frustrating time of NFP


oh never mind I’m sorry, I forgot Catholics arent “supposed” to use bc, but isnt it better to prevent umm then Murder, wrong thread perhaps, not that you would do that, my pro life pro choice conflicts always get the best of me.

Good luck


Wow LittleDeb, very informative post! I suffer from some of the same symptoms that you mentioned, and talked to my doctor who shrugged it off. Your post gives me newfound hope. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I originally posted a mean spirited response to you. However after reading your profile and following some of your other posts, I realize that you are a grieving parent and are angry. I understand, and I am sorry. I do NOT judge you, but ask that you support people who are on here trying and struggling sometimes to follow Christ as we will support you in your troubles as well. YOu are in my prayers, and God Bless.


Have a good one




See my edit above. I am sorry, it was a rash judgement. Forgive me. I do love you as a sister (sorry had to look at your other posts to get your sex) and hope you will love and pray for me too.

anyhow you obviosly did NOT read what I wrote.

I said and I quote “my pro life conflicts with my prochoice” I am neither. I have seen abortion pictures I dont condone it, but their are people out their who dont use bc who do believe in it. So stand corrected, and for the record my house is not on nearly a slippery slope as yours apperently as I don’t go around judging people unjustly by one thread.

Have a good one

Yes I read that. That post was fine. It was your subsequent post. Where you stated that catholics are “supposed” to use bc and then rationalize bc because you assume that if my wife and I get pregnant unintentionally we would automatically abort (you did this by saying “but isnt it better to prevent umm then Murder”) That is where the offense was taken. I don’t think either is better than loving abstinence when trying to avoid for good reason. Sex is twisted in this culture, if you’ve never read anything Christopher West has written I could send you a copy of some of his thing FREE OF CHARGE if you would like, please PM me.

I forgive you for that comment and hope you have forgiven me for mine. I hope you have a great afternoon and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.


It’s okay, I am sorry also. I should have elaborated more as I tend to speak partially and assume everyone knows what I mean. I did NOT mean to intend thats what you 2 would do. I meant I dont believe in pro choice but some people who commit abortions do.

I’m sorry I just don’t like when I get misunderstood :wink: lets start over


aawww thank you, and yeah I guess I am angry. I promise not to take it out on you guys. Thanks for the apology


As a STM couple, we’d have to agree with this explanation, and we’ve been there too. Flax seed capsules helped a ton in our experience with scant mucus. We’ve practiced NFP while breastfeeding two babies so far, and in both cases it was nearly 9-12 mos before we saw a period. I did appear to ovulate BEFORE the period in both cases… but it was more than obvious. With the first child, there was lots of abstaining, not realizing it would be so obvious when fertility was returning. With the second, we had more confidence in my ability to determine more-fertile mucus so we were less conservative. In both cases there were two weeks of extremely stretchy mucus. When I noticed the mucus sign, we started taking the temps again. Sometimes they were worthless, as I wasn’t getting a full night sleep, but overall we were able to see the temp shift. If your wife is pumping though, I would not expect to have more than 3-6 mos of infertility, unless perhaps she nurses throughout the night.

We agree, NFP can be the most frustrating while breastfeeding, but as we prepare to go through it a third time, we can tell you it works. (No, none of ours were conceived during the breastfeeding time, and they were all very much desired and not a surprise in any way!)


I wanted to add how much I commend you and your wife for sticking to the teachings during this tough time. My own doctor (not NFP) says NFP “doesn’t work” because of this kind of struggle. I have been working on him, slowly, to help him see the light. He pushed BCP right after our son was born, but I reiterated my stance. I think he expected me back soon with another pregnancy.

I think this is another reason I am passionate. The better we understand the gifts that our bodies are, the better we can embrace the will of God for us. The more we embrace His will, the better we are witnessing His Truth to the world. Theology of the Body is for everyone.

It sounds like God is teaching you something really important during this time of abstinence. It sounds like you are working hard to understand it and embrace what ever it might be. God bless you, your wife, and your new little one.


Hi there,

If it’s really true that your wife has a thyroid problem (and it probably is) she will have to do more than take kelp supplements. Cut out sugar, white flour, trans fats and vegetable oils completely, and up your intake of healthy fats, especially cod liver oil (at least 1 teaspoon daily), high vitamin butter from pasture fed cows, and coconut oil (1 tablespoon before each meal—take it in warm water, herbal tea, or in your food). I recommend the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. It’s not just a weight loss book, it’s also a health recovery book. They go into great detail about the above fats and how they put an end to numerous ailments, including low thyrid function. The cod liver oil should be taken in combination with butter or it may not be as effective. Kelp tablets did not work for me. They are intended to add iodine to your diet, but unrefined celtic sea salt is so much better for iodine as well as numerous other trace minerals. The NFP book says sea salt doesn’t contain iodine so you have to buy refined iodized salt, but take caution: your body will not be able to assimilate this artificial iodine. Your body will in fact absorb trace amounts of iodine very well from unrefined sea salt. Many sea salts are refined so read the labels carefully. I found celtic sea salt not in the salt section but with the seaweed and international foods at my local health food store. My cycles are now very normal, by the way, whereas they used to be crazy. Real nutrition really does work. If you fix the thyroid problem, you will not have to abstain so much.

Also, during this time when you are waiting for her period to return, I was told by my NFP teachers (and it worked perfectly, but I was breastfeeding) that when you detect cervical mucus, you should wait that day plus two more. If you detect two days, wait those two days plus three more, if you detect three days, wait those three days plus four more. You should never have to wait more than four days after a patch has ended. God bless you for hanging in there.


I’m surprised no one else really has mentioned the CERVICAL POSITION as a cross check to mucous?
Does the OVUSOFT program even allow you to enter those signs? I don’t see a line for CP??? :confused:

My NFP classes really seemed to focus on that sign… I took classes from my diocese, and their NFP manual was really small, nothing like Art of NFP

I would not have been able to track my post-partum fertility without checking cervical position! And I was able to detect ovulation BEFORE my first period… after TWO pregnancies! :thumbsup:


Ok, this might seem like a silly question, but if someone’s thyroid function is low, why not take a pill?? Is there some side effect of those pills (synthroid or levothyroxin) that I should know about? I’m 20, due to get married in about a year, looking at NFP methods right now, and my dr prescribed those pills to me. They’ve definately shortened my period, and now thanks to this thread I now know that’s the cause. Before I was kind of concerned as to why it’s beginning to shorten.


Synthroid and levothyroxine are good medications to take to help your hypothyroidism, as long as you know how to take it so you don’t overdose.


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