The worst "Oh Holy NIght" ever recorded

You must listen to this. This was originally recorded at my music studio by a clueless dude who really thought he could sing. I kid you not, it is the real thing.

This was recorded at our music studio by a clueless dude who really thought he could sing. You must hear this whole thing to believe it.

Oh Holy Night is one of my favorites to sing. My husband walked in and heard the commotion. He started to say, "God bless him cause it doesn’t matter how you sing it… " and then at 2:15 the song drastically changed and my husband’s eyes got wide and slowly walked away from the room.

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Look it up on snopes, the origination of it is inconclusive.

I think it was made as a joke.

No, it’s not a joke. Believe it or not, we sent it to Nashville as a demo. Now someone else is claiming credit for it being a parody.
Fortunately, we have the original home video from the Christmas recital to prove it.
As well as the master recording.

I’ve got that beat…

Go to Youtube.

Search for “Omazing Grace” (Yes, that spelling is correct…)

You may think you’ve heard it all about halfway in, but DON’T miss the finale…!

Be prepared to go to confession afterwards for laughing… :smiley:

It wasn’t that bad, well coming from me that isn’t saying much, but I do love the song. When Father reminds us to join in and sing, I think sometimes he isn’t being considerate to the people around me.
I once laughed when my best friend’s mom rode her bike into a giant trash can and still can’t believe how horrible that was, but I just can’t laugh at another person’s bad singing (too close to home)

Call me cranky, but I don’t like Oh Holy Night at all. It’s too…loud. The older I get, the more I like the quiet and subtle songs like There Is No Rose.

the worst OHN competition is currently going on with the Christian music stations, as pop Christian artists take turns butchering this song, which is written for operatic or professionally trained choir voices. that is why I will play CDs until January.

You mean this is a fake? :eek:

Which is where I get lucky…we have an operatically trained tenor in our Church choir and a soprano who sings as if she was trained. The two of them together do the best version I’ve heard.:slight_smile:

I’m sorry but this is obviously a joke.

But I have heard some horrible “Christian Rock” versions of this and “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

Here’s a really good one. It’s ridiculous how well these people can sing :stuck_out_tongue: :

“You know it was…divine.” :rotfl:

Fake or not…oh my.

these two phrases should not even occur in the same sentence.

omgosh, Just heard it. I hope he keeps his day job. lol

I was thinking it reminded me of Bill Murray playing Nick the Lounge Singer On Saturday Night Live.
But Bill has more class than this disaster.

The worst version of O Holy Night? I think that would be Mariah Carry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does anyone like to hear that woman screech at the top of her lungs?? :ouch:

Really?!?!? I honestly think her Christmas album is the best Christmas album of the last twenty years, and that it’s an exceptional rendition of the song. :shrug:

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