The wrong baby name may make a boy bad

According to the article, the Top 10 “bad boy” names are Alec, Ernest, Garland, Ivan, Kareem, Luke, Malcolm, Preston, Tyrell and Walter. The premise is that the names are unpopular and/or uncommon, so the boys become angry outcasts or something like that. While I concede some of the names are probably uncommon, I didn’t think the name Luke was unpopular or uncommon, so I find the premise suspect.

"The wrong baby name may make a boy bad
‘Ivan’ may be terrible, and ‘Alec’ not a smart choice, new study suggests

New parents may balk at naming their newborn boys such tried-and-true but yawn-inducing names as Michael or David — but a new study shows that if they play it safe, they may be doing their babies a favor."…

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Oh great, we’re going back to the divinization days of Babylon. Better not name your son Nimrod or all hell is going to break loose!

The article is equating correlation with causation. The problem with most news agencies reporting on studies, is that they interchange the two even if the person doing the study doesn’t. There are many factors that might go into a something like this (a social scientist should know) Maybe these particular names are trends in low income communities, single parent homes, or places where gangs are rempant, or in families that don’t value education. These things have been linked in studies to child/teenage delinquency. I personally find some of these better expanations for the correlation than the name you give your child. I wonder if the researchers took other factors into account?

Why pray tell would I want to name a child with a name that in yiddhish implies moron?
Incidentally for the hispanics, you can add Angel and Jesus. I had a friend who worked in corrections and she dreaded when she got someone with either of those names. However, she did know a priest named Angel and there is Sir Alec Guiness albeit he’s Brittish and there’s all kinds of odd names over there: Wilberforce, Clayborne,Hermoine,Evelyn (for a boy), Clive (often a bad boy name in UK albeit CS Lewis is a Clive) Winston and obscure saints names that are popular over there:Wilfred, Winnifred, Etheldred etc.

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