The YAZ birth control commercial

Has anyone seen this commercial? It has to be one of the the most poorly designed commercials in the history of advertising. (Which is good since it is for birth control) Some lady comes on the screen & she is talking so fast all you can basically get it that the FDA asked YAZ to clarify some things in a commercial–then she goes on to list a ton of things that need to be clarified. By the end of the commercial, I am thinking I would rather snort cocaine than take YAZ.

Women should be offended by all these birth control commercials. You don’t see anyone telling men, “a natural function of your body is bad and should be ‘corrected/prevented’”. Its really sad, our society that is so into “liberating” women treats them like this.

You could not write a commercial to get guys to take a pill – “Forget about condoms, ask your doctor about Blanx – does not prevent STDs, may cause incontinence, allergy to alcohol, bursitis or death.” :eek:
Yeah, right.

Don’t forget it might cause prostate cancer and cause a significant blow to your sex drive…:rolleyes:

I can’t stand any of these commercials! I really don’t like the one with the song, we’re not going to take it, playing in the background. It’s for a Birth control pill that pretty much makes your periods stop, you only have them 4 times a year. I’m sure that’s very healthy and won’t cause any long term problems:rolleyes:

Plan B commercial.:eek: I’m on the TV Guide Channel trying to find something decent to watch and on comes this commercial showing women walking up in the morning after apparently making a really bad choice and then happily trudging off to get an over the counter pill from the local drugstore to solve the “problem.” My eight year old daughter is watching this with me and I have to explain what “when your contraception fails, there’s a plan b” means? :mad:

we saw that the other day and I actually started yelling at the t.v. My husband had to remind me that they couldn’t hear me:blush: I was so angry.
I hate these commericials, all of them…birth control, E.D.( can’t wait for one of the kids to ask about that:rolleyes: ) and why do they always end up in seperate bath tubs outside, can someone please explain that to me!!! and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, they play them and on all the channels, drives me crazy! Oh, dear, I’m getting way too upset…sorry:blush:

I don’t know, bathtubs at the beach, on a meadow, by the pool, on a mountain. Just go home!

Yes, these commercials run constantly,
Yet talking with my hairdresser today, I learned that she has never heard of partial birth abortion.
That might be a useful commercial… .

Saw a new YAZ commercial this week-end.

They were pimping it as an acne medication. :eek:

I guess birth control and potential chemical abortion is just a side-effect.

Yaz is a BCP that is commonly prescribed for medical reasons. It is low in estrogen, so it can slow the growth on endometriosis. I take it, and it really reduced the pelvic pain and cramps. I really haven’t had any side effects. The reason why the commercial focuses on non-contraceptive benefits is because there are a ton of pills that prevent pregnancy. Yaz is really a lot different. It’s an anti-androgen, so it can help a lot of women.

Don’t you just love the other birth control commercials that show happy families with a lot of kids whose mother uses it? They seem to say, “Only people with a lot of kids use birth control. Nobody uses it just to have all the sex they want without consequences!”

Pure idiotic propaganda.

Yes, that’s true. Even Father Corapi said in one of his talks that women can take BCP for reasons that have nothing to do with contraception. They can control bleeding if fibroids are present in the uterus until surgery is done to remove them. There are some teenage girls who can’t function when they’re on their period. The pill can alleviate that, but they better not be doing anything anyways.:rolleyes:

Oh my goodness! I have seen some, not all, of these commercials. I agree that the oral-contraceptive ones make me crazy. Yes, these pills do serve a worthwhile purpose in some cases, but how high a percentage are we talking about? That is NOT the primary way they are marketed! And BTW I would wonder about the advisability of a young girl taking artificial hormones while her body is still developing, regardless of how much she may suffer during her periods.
I actually had a woman, a Catholic at that, pull a pack of those YAZ things out of her purse and start telling me how great they are. I was so taken aback, I’m not sure what I said. Probably not as much as I should have; she is still speaking to me. (She started by asking me, ‘Do you have an IUD?’ I know at that point I said, ‘Be serious.’)
Oh, and those bathtubs! Does anybody understand that? Is it something that is just too subliminal for me to get? Is there something sexy about separate, oddly-placed clawfoot tubs that just goes over my head? Or is it some kind of ritual-purification thing?
And to think that 35 years ago I thought Summer’s Eve douche commercials were embarrassing when they came on the TV in the family room…

Looking at it the other way, wouldn’t you think seeing a large family would make a prospective contraceptive-user wonder how effective the stuff can be?? (I don’t think I’ve seen these commercials; guess they don’t run during ball games or on EWTN…):wink:

“Mom, do you ever have that, not so fresh feeling?”

UGH!!! I used to hate those commercials

Looking back, It was fun to watch women squirm when those came on. It was a better time.

Not to mention the fact that they took a perfectly good Twisted Sister song and perverted it for evil purposes!

I’m not sure about YAZ in particular as all these ABC commercials sort of blend together for me. It really is maddening. At first, I remember starting to see them on in the daytime during soap operas and daytime talk shows. Now, they don’t shy away from airing them in primetime, even during supposedly “family friendly” shows.

Being single, I am celibate. However, if I ever did find a husband to spend my life with, the last thing I would want him to do is to take a bath in a claw tub in the great outdoors. Let’s face it–that’s not the most masculine thing in the world for a guy to do. Plus, that seems like it would have a natural birth control effect–eliminating the need for the ABC.

Also, there is an ABC commercial, I’m not certain which one it is–they actually have “mannequin” like woman dancing around. I think it might be Nuvaring. How appropriate-artificial woman to advertise artificial birth control. Because you know it is ALL about my body–the natural outcome of the pro-choice movement. No time for personal growth, spritual development, etc.–it is all about my body.

And sychronized swimmers…yeb…fall in line with the culture–God forbid you use your brain and SEE what that stuff does to your body and soul.:eek:

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