The "Year of Faith" logo, when to be printed on custom-made merchandise

If I download the logo, and have it printed on a T-shirt or a badge, is it considered commercial use of the logo?

Yea if you are selling them! If you make 1 for you and 1 for your Mom or something that is completely fine… Commercial Use… means selling them for money and profit.

Do the research. We are on the interwebs, or something.

Here’s the official answer:

"General Regulations Regarding the Use of the Year of Faith Logo

"The Year of Faith logo is protected by all copyright laws. Upon the donation of the logo to the Holy See by its designer, the distribution rights for the logo were placed under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.

"The use of the logo is freely granted to Episcopal Conferences, Dioceses, Catholic Movements and Associations, and for all other institutions of the Catholic Church that wish to use the logo for the presentation, distribution, and advertizing of the pastoral initiatives that they are initiating on the occasion of the Year of Faith. The logo may also be used for the purpose of publicizing the Year of Faith itself.

"In order to obtain the graphics of the logo for use on printed materials and on websites — for the sole reasons mentioned above — please contact the Organizing Secretary for the Year of Faith by clicking on the “contacts” tab on this website and identifying the name of the organization that you are representing and the particular purpose for which you would like to use the logo.

"Free reproduction of the logo is granted to authorized media who wish to use the logo in their coverage of the Year of Faith events.

“If an organization does not belong to one of the above-mentioned groups or intends to use the logo for any other reason (e.g. publications covering the Year of Faith which are neither directly run by nor promoted by institutions of the Catholic Church), they must contact the Organizing Secretary for the Year of Faith by clicking on the “contacts” tab on this website and providing a clear and detailed account of the reasons for the request.”



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