The Zogby Survey On Politics And Entertainment


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When it comes to TV networks, it’s quite likely that if conservatives like it, liberals hate it. And vice versa.
*]Compared to all other respondents, conservatives were more likely to watch only two channels out of the 24 highest-rated networks: Fox and Fox News. While no one should be surprised to hear that conservatives like to watch Fox News (70% watch it daily, opposed to 12% of moderates and liberals), many may wonder why the Fox broadcast network is their second favorite channel, with over twice as many conservatives watching it daily, compared to all other respondents. Fox – the home of anti-authority satires like The Simpsons, Family Guy and MADtv – draws daily more than three times as many conservatives as liberals.
*]Fox News wins the prize for the most politically divisive TV channel (70% of conservatives watch it daily and only 3% of liberals).
*]What broadcast network do conservatives hate most? 27% report that they never watch NBC, compared to 8% of all other respondents. Of course it’s the one liberals like best: almost 70% watch the peacock on a daily or weekly basis.
*]Advertisers may be surprised to discover that a great place to capture moderates is on Fox News, where over 27% of moderates tune in daily. Unlike conservatives, though, moderates watch all the broadcast networks, and, like the liberals, NBC is their favorite, with 37% watching daily.
*]Over 82% of conservatives say they never watch MTV. The only other station from our list that they watch less is Univision (84%).
*]Who has a sense of humor? Not only do liberals give Comedy Central a big thumbs up (31% watch it daily, compared to 6% of all other respondents), you are more likely to find them watching comedies than moderates or conservatives.[/LIST]

The story also compares liberal. conservative/moderate tastes in music, movies, &c.

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