The Zohar

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what is various religions view on the Zohar?
I put this here so people from various religions and spirituality can perhaps share various view about this book.

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It’s an interesting text, important to Jewish mysticism. Obviously it has no direct role in Christianity, although Renaissance-era Christians were fascinated by Kabbalah and argued that it supported Christianity.


I don’t imagine anyone outside of Judaism has a real view on the Zohar, outside of it possibly being an object of interest.

In my opinion, the Lutheran view of things like Zohar would be of extreme doubt - we seem to have antibodies for anything even remotely Gnostic. The general idea is that “God doesn’t play tricks on his children.”

Nice for people to have a hobby.

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It is the portion of the mystical Kabbalah that is studied by some Orthodox Jews (Hassidim, in particular) to gain a better and more profound understanding of the more intricate passages of the Torah. It does not have the religious authority of the Torah itself (Written Law) or the Talmud (Oral Law).

There have also been rabbis- Orthodox rabbis, who didn’t/don’t believe in its authenticity dating back to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, but rather believe that the author was Rabbi Moses de Leon, a 13th century Spanish rabbi. It is and has been a minority opinion, but still a legitimate one in the overall picture. It isn’t an article of Jewish faith to believe one way or the other.

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