Theaters Censor “Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist, Over 200 Stop Showing Movie


“Even though the movie made more than $1.2 million on 668 screen last weekend, 28% percent of movie theaters — including some of the best performing — inexplicably dropped the movie this weekend. This weekend, just 488 theaters showed Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

Well for those have not seen movie, it looks like they are pulling it out of theaters.

Sorry forgot article . Here it is…


Who are you quoting?


“Censorship” or a business decision? When movie grosses fall off they’re pulled out of theaters in favor of newer movies that the theater owners hope will make more money. How many people who haven’t seen the movie yet still want to see it? Personally I haven’t seen it and have no interest in it. But I get so tired of the conspiracy theories.


The article said it was in the top ten movies that made money that weekend so it seems odd they took it out of theaters already.

This was a big weekend with all the horror movies for Halloween yet it ranked in top ten per cent of movies.

Good business sense would seem to say let’s see if it keeps drawing people in.

Here is Box Office Mojo listing. Gosnell is listed as 14 out of 104 movies in ticket sales…


Then again if it’s just ideologically motivated why show it at all?


Why not just show it for a weekend, hope nobody shows up, say we tried but it really wasn’t making money so let’s quickly stop showing at theaters.

No controversy, we are open to all movies.


I haven’t seen the movie, but I did see an excellent documentary on Amazon videos. It did not mince words–Gosnell was not excused, but condemned by the writers as a monster. The real-life women who were victimized by Gosnell told their horrifying stories–awful to watch.

So there is video out in public about this man and his crimes, and it was well-done. And you can watch it at home.


It’s worth noting, based on the source and other rankings from the same that the movie:

  1. Has struggled to see any positive increases day-on-day.
  2. Is not going up against a lot of popular new releases. Of those ahead of it, three are in their second week, two in their third, and one in its fourth.Of those directly following it, most are in their fourth or greater week.

Taking that into consideration, and also accounting for its appeal to pro-lifers, it doesn’t seem to be that popular. It just had a very well-timed release and a premise that got people on one side of a hot-button issue in the door.


I saw the movie the first day it opened and was pleased to see so many people had bought tickets to see it. I think it opened on the 12th.
Movies like this don’t usually last long in the theatres, but I am glad it is still showing in over 400 theatres.


I checked 3 national chains & only AMC Classic offered three different times for this movie.

It’s a niche project so it won’t be like Titanic…


I know many people who are waiting until it gets closer. I think there is a market for this film but I don’t think we will get to know.

If no one else picks it up like Redbox or Netflix chances are it’s gone.Facebook would not allow paid ads and no one mentions it in media.


There are 104 movies and it ranked 14. If this was another movie, do you think they might say let’s see how it does in a broad run of 2000+ theater not limited to 600 that only had it one week with no advertising what so ever even in the theaters themselves not even a poster.


#14 is low on the list. Theatre owners have a finite number of screens and they need to pull in big crowds for every screen.

Let’s say you own a giant multiplex.

You are going to have at LEAST two regular screens showing the top three and a couple of IMAX or 3D screens showing the enhanced versions. There go 8 of your screens.

The corporate chain theaters make more money off of the major movie makers (Warner Brothers, MGM, etc.)

#14 pulled in about 1/3 the receipts of #11. Which one is a smart business owner going to give screen space to?


Conspiracy theorists should get together to compare their notes.


No, I don’t think it would as another similar movie. It’s a crowdfunded movie being released through a relatively small releasing company and is failing to show any trend of long-term financial stability.


It’s pretty telling that the producers don’t specify what their engagement contracts were. Special interest films typically are distributed by smaller companies that don’t have as much sway as the big distributors/studios. And no theater owner is going to hold over a movie with a sub-$2000 per screen average.


There are very few movies out this time of year mostly horror movies.

I understand that movies have to make money but this was a very limited showing and never given a chance because they never did a broad theater presentation of over 2000+ theaters just a small number of theaters, no posters allowed at theaters and no promotion of movie.

They did not want this movie to succeed.

No conspiracy theory.


I watched this movie. Very hard to digest …because everything was true. It was very well made …not preachy at all.

A neutral could come away with the perspective that the abortion industry needs a lot more regulation . The movie does not advocate complete removal of abortion at any point .

I’d encourage everyone to watch this movie. It’s on Amazon prime now as well.

Keep in mind that this movie is doing well inspite of no mainstream news outlets covering it ( let alone promoting it ) just as they had a blackout during the coverage of the Gosnell trial.

This guy was murdering babies that were alive and thought it was a good thing .


The production company who make a film pays for the posters, the promotional ads. Especially for an indy film. The movies that are picked up by the big corporates (MGM, Universal, etc.) are able to pay for promotion on a far greater scale and still only do it for the films that they test to be bit hits.

That these were missing is the decision of the company who made the film, not the theater owners.


This was a fictionalized version of real events. I am sure it had such a disclaimer at the beginning or end “this film is based on actual events with additional material added for dramatic effect” or something like that.

The documentaries that were made years ago will have at least tell you what parts are speculation.

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