Theaters Censor “Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist, Over 200 Stop Showing Movie


Many articles state that they were not allowed to advertise. New York Time would not take paid ads nor wold majority of advertisers. Facebook would not accept ad. They had a great deal of money to advertise but no takers.

There were no theaters and the one that I went to had all the large posters outside none for Gosnell.


There are many, many more outlets. Did they advertise on Trinity Broadcasting Network (largest protestant network)? Fox News and it’s affiliates? EWTN? Catholic TV? These are the places where their potential audience will see it.


Fox did some and I am sure that EWTN did some but Trinity Broadcasting does not seem to have anything on the movie.

NPR which is taxed funded refused advertising


Which parts were fictionalized ?


Everything that is not taken from a court transcript or some other form of recorded statement has to be dramatized, that is what screenwriters (or book authors, etc.) do. People do not live their lives with cameras and recording devices. These things might be written from a person’s recollection, but to flesh out an entire story the writer has to do his/her job.

If only transcripts and recordings are used, well, that is called a documentary.


Okay. I’m glad you clarified. There is a difference between dramatized and fictionalized. The former being a way of storytelling.

The video of gosnell playing the piano as they raided the house or the police removing turtles from the office were true but not relevant to the court case per se. They do have actual footage of both.

They also did not show the picture of the baby that was aborted in the movie post delivery ( but was shown in court).

It’s available on the movie website. I’m glad they did not show it in the movie and kept it pg 13.


I’ve heard people say that it will probably be shown on youtube but I can’t believe they will allow this so once it is out of theaters. Netflix won’t pick it up nor will redbox so where else can it be shown.

Gone quickly everywhere.


Documentaries can also have an agenda.
I recently watched a documentary called
Reversing Roe on Netflix. It was told from the standpoint of the pro-choice side.
For example, PBS shows many documentaries, but I have learned to use discernment when watching them because of obvious political bias.
Michael Moore makes documentaries which I think are garbage most of the time.
Just because it is a documentary does not mean you are getting the truth. You are getting what the documentary filmmaker wants to tell you.


All of Ken Burns documentaries which are well done, are done with a bias,

Also watched Reversing Roe which was on Netflix only because it was pro choice I believe.


I thought since it was called Reversing Roe it was made by pro-life, but I concluded it clearly was a pro-choice


Yes, Ken Burns has a lot of bias in his documentaries.


Never claimed that documntaries are somehow magically neutral. What I did say that when one puts together news footage, personal recollection and court transcripts, the resulting product is called a documentary.

When one takes news footage, personal recollection and transcripts then weaves in dramatization, it is no longer a documentary. There are writers taking liberties in order to make it a good drama. Court transcripts are usually very dull.


There was nothing dull about this court case motion picture. It was riveting.


Glad I already saw it.



I have been unable to find it online.
Let us know when it comes available.


This movie is not on Amazon Prime and will likely only be available for purchase which is costly after if leaves the theater

I can’t believe Amazon Prime, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu or even Vudu will pick it up.


I am not too surprised. Netflix has a documentary Reversing Roe told from the prochoice perspective and warning of the inroads the prolife movement has made.
I am surprised Redbox would not pick it up once it is out of the theatres.
Netflix is already showing Chappaquidick.
Give it a couple of more months and it might show up somewhere.


That’s because it’s a crowdfunded movie being released through a small releasing company. GVN doesn’t have the same ability to get the movie out as major players like WB, Fox, MGM, Sony, Disney, Universal, Paramount, or Lionsgate. Ever notice how those eight seem to release every movie in theaters? That’s not because they’re the only ones releasing movies. It’s because they have the clout to get them there and advertise them.


As I said, that is why movies hire dramatization writers. So it will be riveting.

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