Theft of The Eucharist from Adoration!

Ok so to set the scenario. I go to a 24/7 adoration for an hour once or twice a week.
What I mean by a 24/7 Adoration is that in a side area of the church there is a room for Adoration. People from the community volunteer to stay with the Eucharist at all times. So it is never left alone for obvious reasons. People do an hour then the next person comes in and does their Hour and so on so forth. There is also a keypad on the door and you have to know the combination to get in.

Basically my question is, in this scenario what should I do;

In Adoration, for whatever reason a man has gotten in and he wishes to do harm and/or steal the Eucharist. What is my obligation as a Catholic? Obviously I would try to defuse the situation with words at first. But if that didn’t work and it came down to it am I permitted to use physical violence to stop the man from taking it?
As a Catholic man I can proudly say that I would lay down my life for the Lord and give it willingly if he asked for it!

But in this case what do people think, is it right for me to put my life in danger to try and save the Eucharist from this man who wishes to steal it or damage it? Or should I just let him take it to make sure no one got hurt?(I’d like peoples thoughts on the scenario where I am alone and also the scenario where there is also a Woman there doing her ‘hour’)

Would the Lord want me to lay down my life for that cause or would he want me to let the man take what is not his?

I would like to hear from people more than just “Call the police”, that is something I would do immediately given the chance. But I am referring to the immediate situation before the Police have time to get there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

God Bless and have a Happy Easter!

P.S. I am a 24 year old man.


Absolutely stop him, yes–preferably without violence, but use it if absolutely necessary.

We had a guy once here in Mexico who was not well mentally, was spitting around the Blessed Sacrament, raised his fist as if to punch someone.

He wasn’t trying to take the Blessed Sacrament. I tried to call the equivalent of 9/11 here. That wasn’t on the list, though.

I’m not strong enough to seriously put up any kind of a fight.

I’m not strong enough to put up any sort of fight either, but I would try to take it out of his hands (after, of course, trying to dissuade him).

I wouldn’t be able to fight someone, so I opted for the try to talk to him optionj. It’s a scenario that could happen easily at one of the places I go for adoration. Chapel is very small. Monstrance is on a table in front - so really out in the open. If no one is there when you leave, you’re supposed to just cover it with a special cloth cover. Door has a key code, but it’s been the same for years. All it would take is for one nutcase to get the code. There is a phone in the chapel, but no surveillance camera as far as I can tell.

Prefer peace, but I would go to my death if need be. As an aside, I haven’t played on the d-line in 20 years, but I probably have one good tackle left in me. :banghead:

Would I be a martyr if I died trying to keep this person from stealing the Eucharist?

I saw the thread title but not that this was a poll. Scared the daylights out of me!

Yes. My DH is always looking out for the rainbow coalition. They pull similar stunts.

Simplest way to defuse such a situation, if possible, is to consume the Eucharist yourself rather than getting into fistfight a or worse over it.

Why would they do that? They steal the Eucharist from Adoration?!

This happened not that long ago in Florida. A man took the monstrance off the alter to sell for it’s scrap value. I was caught on security video in the chapel.

At RCIA class (I’m my husband’s sponsor), Father explained that devil worshipers use them in their ceremonies. He said they could go to the Christian bookstore and buy a whole box of wafers if they wanted to, but they don’t do that because they need a consecrated one, which is why they have to steal one. I don’t know any devil worshipers personally, this is just what our priest told us. It came up the week we talked about transubstantiation. He said it was pretty sad that Satanists believe in the real presence but Protestants do not. He said most likely they would come to the communion line and not try to steal it that way. He said if we ever see someone walking away with it from the communion line, just holding it in the palm of their hand, we are to say “Consume Jesus or bring Him back to Father”.

Please tell me you meant to say “It” was caught on video.

In Adoration, for whatever reason a man has gotten in and he wishes to do harm and/or steal the Eucharist

You have no obligation to do anything as a Catholic or under the law. When a person commits a crime they often carry weapons and/or will attack others at the slightest provacation. If you’re alone that is even more dangerous for you. Get a descripition and call 911 so the police can investigate.

Call the Knights was not an option. :frowning:

If years of experience on different forums hadn’t accustomed me to problematic thread titles, I would’ve had the same reaction. Even on seeing that there was a poll, I might’ve still assumed that the thread was about an actual theft, and the poll was about how such a theft makes me feel, what should be done to improve church security, or something like that.

So my reaction was more like mild alarm until I could determine what the actual subject of this thread was. On previewing and seeing that this is a poll on a scenario that, I hope and pray, no one voting here (indeed, no one anywhere) should ever have to face, I felt relief. Even so, I (and anyone else on this forum!) shouldn’t have had to go through the process.

What does the rainbow coalition want with the Eucharist?

Sounds like too much time day dreaming and not enough time praying.

Apologies if any offense was taken due to the thread title. It was not my intention to sensationalize the topic or mislead anyone. It was literally just what I wanted direct answers on. I can see your point how people could misinterpret it. At the same time though, all they have to do is read the post to clarify what it’s really about :smiley:

Actually, this question was based on a real situation that very nearly happened. So no, I wasn’t ‘day-dreaming’ during Adoration. I came home at 4am and wrote this article because I was worried about what I could’ve/should’ve done had this situation actually escalated to that point. Just a little food for thought, as the old saying goes “Never assume, it makes an …” Well you know the rest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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