Their Fears Are Coming True: People Are Disappearing in Crimea Now That Russia's in Charge


Dzheparov’s son Islam, 18, went to check up on his widowed aunt and her children, who also live in the settlement of Sary-Su, on the edge of the town of Belogorsk, less than an hour’s drive east of Simferopol, Crimea. Islam went most evenings, Dzheparov said. Sometimes, as on this occasion, his 23-year-old cousin Dzhevdet came along for company.

“At seven that evening, around seven, a car came along and beeped and I was like, ‘Why don’t they come in?’ I went out and there were two young lads in the car, and one said, ‘Your son, I saw him, he was kidnapped, he was thrown in a van and taken away.’"

Dzhevdet was gone too. The young witnesses said three men wearing masks had bundled them into the back of a blue Volkswagen Transporter with tinted windows. Neither of them has been seen or heard of since.

The Russian approach to investigating has also not helped calm their fears. The Investigative Committee, powerful organization often called “Russia’s FBI,” confiscated Dzheparov’s computer and called him in for questioning about his criminal record (he doesn’t have one, but was repeatedly arrested in Soviet times during the Tatars’ campaign to return home).

Sergei Aksyonov, who became head of the regional government during the Russian takeover, came to talk to Dzheparov after an outcry on social media over the boys’ disappearance, and promised to do all he could to help find them. No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction, but Dzheparov believes it was a state-sponsored raid. No one else’s vehicles, he said, have tinted windows.

“One investigator said the destiny of the children would depend on my behavior. I said I was happy to be under constant surveillance, to be fully under their control, to be where my son is now, as long as that meant he was here,” he said.


Very sad. I also saw that according to the Daily Mail, German intelligence says Russian Rebels did down that plane.



I wouldn’t believe the date in the dailymail.


That’s your prerogative.

**Germany blames pro-Russian rebels for MH17 crash: Rocket that downed plane was fired from Buk missile defence system, says BND intelligence agency
German foreign intelligence said separatists fired device from Ukrainian base

BND believes it exploded directly next to the Malaysia Airlines aircraft
It had carried out detailed analysis based on satellite and other photos
It is first time a European Agency has openly pointed the finger at rebels
Separatists have so far denied all accusations that they were involved
Passenger jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing 298  


haha, neither would I. The Daily Fail, or make-it-up-as-you-go-along ‘news’.


I’m afraid that this won’t get much sympathy in the West, as the Tartars are associated (by religion) with Muslim extremists.

Keeping an eye on it, though.


Right now I doubt Tatars are thought any worse of in the west than are Russians.

And it’s not only Tatars that have disappeared or felt forced to move from Crimea. Sometimes people who oppose conquest feel the need to flee when it’s complete.


It’s reported in a lot of other publications. But you knew that.:slight_smile:


Considering that Human Rights Watch also reported on this, I would say it is trustworthy.

That said, this is really sad. I wonder if the Russian government is responsible for this?


Even RT referred to the information.

Other sources:–politics.html?pt=Array


Russia did it before. No reason to think they would shrink from doing it again. This is KGB all the way.


:sleep::yawn::sleep:yawn There’s nothing Fatima to see here…Just move along…Russia is converted…The world consecration was good enough…Just a blip on the over-the-horizon radar…


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