Their horn shall be exalted


Psalm 112 states:

   Lavishly they give to the poor;    
 their prosperity shall endure forever;    
  their horn shall be exalted in honor    

Please explain the meaning of their horn.


Well, if it had been “HORNS”, plural, we’d know that God was a UT Longhorn :):slight_smile:



The word horn (קֶרֶן) is sometimes metaphorically to mean ‘strength’, or something similar. It’s in parallel here to ‘prosperity’, so it seems to be a vague and poetic allusion to some kind of good state of affairs. An archaic English translation might (again, poetically) translate it something along the lines of “good estate”.




The Haydock Commentary considers horn to mean power

Horn. Power, &c. Cyrus, and the best of his successors, honoured the Jews. C. — The liberality of the just towards the indigent, is far more glorious than that which prompts the vain to give shews, &c. S. Chrys. — The praise of the latter is presently at an end. Bert.


Here’s the NLT:

They share freely and give generously to those in need.
Their good deeds will be remembered forever.
They will have influence and honor.


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