Thematic Bible Study?

Anyone know of any good Catholic thematic Bible studies?

I would prefer commercially available content, not reading from someone’s blog but something professionally designed and published. Also no reworked non-Catholic studies please.

If anyone knows any authentically Catholic Bible studies on specific themes then please post. Thank you.


My old parish ( and this one, I think as well) did several Books of the Bible from the Catholic Scripture Study International series. It ran roughly 22 weeks, and we had a Deacon facilitate the class. What I like about it was that there were video portions as well as assignments and questions with time for discussion and sharing of answers based on the studied texts. We didn’t run into the old “well, I think” or “back in my non-Catholic days” . There was little room for non-Catholic premises.
I thought it was OK. We did Acts of the Apostles, John, and Revelation among others.
We had about 15 people in each class, and virtually no drop-off. So it much have captured people’s attention in the long term. AS I recall, it was 60 bucks fro the binder. Each person paid their own way. I don’t know what the parish had to pay for the videos and support materials.

Sacra pagina and catholic bible study series are good

Thanks for the responses. I would like to clarify what I mean by “Thematic”.

I am looking for studies that approach Scriptures from a particular theme such as forgiveness, Mary, hope, the Eucharist, Bride of Christ, sanctification or other such topic. It would bring the reader through the scriptures which address these particular themes and explain those from an authentic Catholic vantage point.

I own a few of the Sacra Pagina commentaries. I have also done chronological studies of the Bible and studies of specific books. I am not interested in those but would like to explore specific themes and wonder if there is anything out there commercially available.


You might want to look at the Threshold Bible Study series. It’s a bit of a hybrid using Lectionaries Divina with more academic bible study. The Courageous series is also good but aimed at women.

Thanks for the clarification on your definition for thematic. I’m not sure you are going to find a one stop source…I own a 1500 volume library of commentaries, studies, writings, and have found a thematic approach is going to take a stack of texts…actually I own the Logos Verbum capstone package with many additions…I just have to type a search for any theme I’m interested in and my entire library is searched with links popping up in all texts…kind of expensive, but it is a real treasure, and if I cut and paste to a word doc, it footnotes citation info for me.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to find a source either. My post here was a shot in the dark. I’ve looked at the Logos software. Nice, but out of my reach right now.

@Corki, thanks, I’ll look.

Emmaus Road Publishing has several you may be interested in:

Emmaus Road

Some look pretty good. I see one on “The Mystery of Marriage and Family” by Scott Hahn and another on the subject of virtue. Thanks!



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