Theologians on Mary

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A friend of mine who is looking into the faith asked me the following question:

“Can you recommend any reputable modern theologians that have written on the topic of Mary, specifically the perpetual virginity and Immaculate Conception?”

I can think of a couple, such as Miravalle, but thought I would bring the question to the wonderful people here on the forums as well. :slight_smile:

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Hail Holy Queen by Dr. Scott Hahn would be a good place to start. Hahn himself is a convert to Catholicism.

Tim Staples (also a convert) is an apologist on Catholic Answers and he has a book out called Behold Your Mother that addresses all the Marian doctrines from a Biblical and historical perspective.

Will these guys do?

Pillars of reformation on Mary

CA also has

*] Immaculate Conception and Assumption
*] When did the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption become dogmas?
*]Is the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception a Catholic Invention?
*]The Immaculate Conception in Scripture
*]The Immaculate Conception, Then and Now
*]How do we explain the necessity of Mary’s immaculate conception?
*]I don’t see why Mary had to be sinless to pass on a sinless human nature to Christ.
*]Mary: “Full of Grace”
*]At the Presentation, why did Mary make a sin offering (Lk 2:24, Lv 12:8) if she was without sin?

An older book but filled with references from Scripture, by scholars, Doctors of the Church, etc. is The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori I’d suggest reading it after reading more modern apologists, but it’s a great resource–a must IMHO.

This book has a collection of essays written by numerous theologians on pretty much all the Marian doctrines the Church teaches. :slight_smile:

Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI). Just Amazon search for sources.
This is a small booklet (48 pages), but a real treasure.

While all the recommendations are good, I would definitely go with the above for someone on the outside looking in. St. Alphonsus de Liguori for example is sound, but his writing is from centuries past and his language could trip up a modern person who could easily misunderstand him.

I like Scott Hahn because he speaks to heart as well as to the mind.

Thank you everyone for the excellent suggestions! This has helped a great deal! :thumbsup:

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