Theologians that raise a red flag


Here is my list:

Teilhard de Chardin

Karl Rahner

Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Hans Kung

Please feel free to contribute and add names as this is intended to be fore open discussion and contribute to raising awareness.


I have seen that when people voice concerns over Hans Urs von Balthasar, it is most often because of his book, “Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved,” which happens to be the reason I am most drawn to him. Is this why you included him in your list, or is there something else about his teachings that concerns you?

It is well known that both Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI admired and spoke highly of him.


If we’re talking about theologians who make questionable statements then the list is a very long one indeed. However, all the ones I’ve read, including those whose conclusions do not match my own or that of the Church, still have some worthwhile things to consider. I am always interested in knowing who the “red flags” are, as I want to read them and find out for myself what sort of line they teach. There’s always something interesting to learn, even if it’s just a way of percieving things I hadn’t previously considered. Bishop Barron is always quoting those who would most likely be on a list such as this. Knowing why they think the way they do leads to a better understanding and a far more civil discourse with them. As such I’m afraid I have no one to add to the list. :slight_smile:


All of the church fathers.

…I’m sure most have said questionable things at one time or another, as well.

What’s the point of this list? Many of the people you mention have made notable contributions, even if they weren’t perfect.

HOWEVER, to be fair, didn’t one of those men basically reduce the Resurrection to a metaphor or something “extra spiritual” rather than realistic? If so, I think that is very dangerous. I may have misunderstood. I think it was Karl Rahner?


“The phenomenon of man represents at the very least a general transformation of the earth by the establishment on its surface of a new envelope – the thinking envelope. . . And what gives this metamorphosis its full grandeur is that it did not take place as a chance accident, but in the form of a crisis, prepared in essence from the beginning, by the very play of the general evolution of the world. (Clearly inspired by the Creator).” (quoted in Robert Speaight, “The Life of Teilhard de Chardin”, p. 153)


In fact, Teilhard was originally censured and exiled by his Jesuit superiors in 1923 for questioning the doctrines of original sin and eternal damnation. In 1947, upon return from banishment in China, he was once again censured by the Holy Office, Pope Pius XII himself having called his work a “cesspool of errors.” However, Teilhard began further insinuating his ideas among his fellow Jesuits at the French theologate La Fourvière in Lyon by means of unsigned mimeographed monographs. By the mid- to late 1950s, his theories were extolled by many, if not most, Jesuits, including Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, and especially Henri de Lubac, who wrote glowingly of Teilhard: “We need not concern ourselves with a number of detractors of Teilhard, in whom emotion has blunted intelligence” [ii]. By the time of the opening of the Second Vatican Council in October 1962, the Society of Jesus had all but abandoned the Neo-Scholastic theology of Francisco Suarez in favor of Teilhardian evolutionary “cosmogenesis.”


Basically, all who “rely” or lean heavily on the historical-critical method.


Yves Congar, Rafael Tello, Gustavo Guttiérrez, Leonardo Boff, Juan Sobrino, Juan Luís Segundo…


So for each one of these ,

Why are they raising a red flag

In your words


I am unfamiliar with these names. What is the red flag?


I am confused by your thread. I don’t know if you are saying these people raised a red flag on the church, or that red flags have been raised on them…


Gregory Baum; East German Communist and active homosexual.


I add my confusion as to what you are trying to discuss here, alongside @Roseeurekacross, @7_Sorrows, and @Irishmom2.
What do you mean by a red flag?


Perhaps you could start off the discussion with more than a list of names.


Steve Anderson, a hateful anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. May he repent before he gets himself in a rotten hole for all eternity.


If the names of these dissenters aren’t familiar to you already to tell you what his thread is about, it’s a real shame. You’d probably listen to what they had to say and perhaps even give credence to it simply because they had been ordained.


I actually have heard of all of them. I said I did not understand his thread premise. I also commented that posting a list is not a discussion. It would be nice if an OP says something instead of lobbing some point and then letting others make all the discussion posts.


Are you a theologian? Just curious where you are coming from.

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