Theological education?

I have been working towards becomeing Catholic for some time now (the R.C.I.A. Classes start in september :slight_smile: and all that) and i was thinking about going to a religous college (after I graduate from Lamar) and take some theological classes as to better understand our faith and defend and explain it to the anti-catholic people that seem magnitized to me. But i noticed that you almost have to sell your soul to afford the tuition (which needless to say seems to go agianst the grain of a ‘relgious college’) does anyone know where a not-so-taxing college is ('cause my mom is not all that religous and said that if I went for a religous ed. she wouldn’t pay for it and I do not have nor have a way to get Notre Dame tution money)? Thank you (ahead of time) and God Bless.


There are a number Distance Learning programs out there that will allow you to take courses either for credit or for enrichment. Some of them are:
*]Catholic Distance University
*]Franciscan University of Steubenville - Distance Learning
*]International Catholic University
[/list]Most of these will cost you alot less (especially if you are doing it for enruchment purposes) that attending a college or university.

I hope this helps.


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