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Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D (see Wikipedia)

Hi Ludwik

I read part of your recent contribution. You have quoted from Rabbi’s and your personal conclusions you have garnered from them.

May I suggest the reading of the “Cathechism of the Catholic Church” to see what Roman Catholics believe…incidentally who claims(ie.Catholic Church) the fullness of the revelation of who God is and His relation to us as revealed through the coming of His only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
This claim is open to your perusal as it is truly worthy of critical analysis to anyone who is open to Truth and desires to hear from an institution who claims to be infallible for 2000 years until the end of the world…I do believe it is worthy of your search for God.

May I also suggest the website “EWTN -Journey Home by Marcus Grodi”. In it you may find personal interviews of Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Methodists, Anglicans, Assembly of God, Buddhist who having sought the truth and found it in the Catholic Church.

May I suggest Scott Hahn and other Protestant converts who have been in the forefront of evangelisation for the Church.

And finally, may I suggest googling Rosalind Moss, who was converted from Judaism to …Evangelical Protestantism to Roman Catholic… to becoming the founder of a institute of nuns. These and many others that you find at EWTN have made the same and truly arduous journey seeking Him…and have found Him in the revelation of Christ Jesus Our Lord as proposed by the Catholic Church.

All these, not in any order of merit, will help you in your wonderful and most surely God inspired search for the ultimate Being whose very essence is the source and reward of Heaven of everlasting Happiness and Joy and that …for all eternity. “Our hearts are restless, O Lord, until they rest in You.” St Augustine Bishop 2nd-3rd/or 3rd to 4th century)

May He who has started you on your journey bring you home to Him and let you experience that He is Love, a personal and infinite Love. …

Your brother in our search to know Him more
Kentcara2003 (SSCC 3rd order)

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