Theology and Vocation for Performing Artists

I have often stated that I believe that Christians who wish to make a difference fo the good in the media need to get involved with the media and even more important, encourage their artistic children and teenagers to enter careers in the arts, specifically performing arts.

Perhaps some of you would be interested in this.

This is a class that will be done in New York City this summer. It’s just what it says in the title of the Thread–Theology and Vocation for Performing Artists.

My daughter is involved in teaching the class. She will present a panel discussion of stage managers, who have a unique “vocation” within the theater–they act as the “go-between” with the performers, techies, and the director. My daughter, who is a convert to Catholicism, has recently been through a challenging, to say the least, experience with “conflict” between faith and art in one of the productions she was stage managing. She is researching aspects of this experience and hopes that her panel discussion will add to the knowledge of the students in this class.

Here is the link to the class:

That sounds wonderful, Cat! I know there have been a few soap opera actors who have been fired in the last year or so who objected to their storylines because they conflicted with their beliefs. We need more faithful people in all arts and media.

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