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Lately I’ve been reading the bible and feel a thirst to learn more. I bought several books (the catholic commentary on sacred scripture, books by Scott Hahn, etc.) but feel overwhelmed with all the information available (cathequism, Vatican II, Encyclicals, etc.) I don’t know where to start!

I currently hold an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and was hoping to continue my education and I’m interested in Theology. The Grand Canyon University offers an online degree but was told that their teachings are not in line with Catholic doctrine and that I might get confused with their teachings.

I work for law enforcement. I’m 34 years old and I’m eligible for retirement at 50 so I have 16 years to get my degree. I can’t, do to my job, attend the college in person. Is there any good catholic colleges that offer Bachelor Degree and Master degree programs in theology online? I don’t know what God wants for me but I have always loved Scripture, but due to my “feeling guilty and hypocrite” I’ve never read it until recently and now I feel that I want to keep on learning.


From my experience, it’s very difficult to find undergraduate degrees in Theology online, but relatively easy to find graduate degrees online. I’m not sure what other posters may turn up, but you may find it easier to obtain a B.A. in any subject of your choosing (philosophy would be good), and then do the graduate program in theology.


St. Leo’s is a Catholic college in Florida

They offer a Bachelors in Religion and a Masters in Theology via their online program.


Christendom College and Franciscan University of Steubenville both have distance Master’s Degree programs, as does The Augustine Institute. You might have to get your BA in something local and then go on to advanced Theology studies. Philosophy might be a good choice for a BA.


The Maryvale Institute in the UK do correspondence courses internationally. You might be interested in the Bachelors in Divinity (B.Div) they offer.

Maryvale have a great reputation for orthodox teaching and UK higher education fees are peanuts compared to US ones. Plus, you can get a proper ecclesiastical degree through them.


If you just want to learn some basic, orthodox, Catholic theology and don’t need the degree, check out the New Saint Thomas Institute. It’s only $25 a month.


St Paul University in Canada has an online Bachelor of Theology degree online.

They also have a S.T.B. (Bachelor of Sacred Theology) degree in Canon Law


John Paul the Great Catholic University offers several online theology degrees, including certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. I have completed their philosophy certificate online and found the experience to be very positive. Classes are relatively inexpensive, the faculty is incredibly knowledgeable, and the format of taped lectures makes you feel you are part of a real college class. I took the philosophy courses for enrichment and enjoyed them quite a bit.


I just finished up at Franciscan University Distance Learning. Excellent program. You can even get Scott Hahn as a professor. :o


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