Theology of religious priesthood


Last night during our recreation before dinner a couple of us in the house were discussing the theology of the priesthood and how it is mainly in the view of the secular priesthood. There was a mention that there needs to be a study of the religious priesthood as the theology of it would differ from the secular priesthood and that it may even differ between the different types of orders/communities (i.e. monastic, mendicant, apostolic, etc.).

Someone mentioned that Thomas Aquinas wrote something about the theology of the priesthood, does anyone out there know where I could find this? What its title is?



It’s probably in the Summa Theologica under Holy Orders… I think. Uh, this website seems to have what you want. Hopefully I’m not breaking any rules pasting it on like that. It starts with: “QUESTIONS 34-40 QUESTION OF THE SACRAMENT OF ORDER AS TO ITS ESSENCE AND ITS PARTS (FIVE ARTICLES) In the next place we must consider the sacrament of Order: (1) Order in general; (2) the difference of Orders; (3) those who confer Orders; (4) the impediments to receiving Orders; (5) things connected with Orders.”

Hope that helps.


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