Theology of Sacraments

Hey brothers and sisters,

I wrote a short article for my Anglican friend (I love her, alas, it pains me to see her outside the church!) to explain a bit the theology of sacraments. If anyone would be willing to read it over and make suggestions it would be great :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s not an academic paper
P.P.S. It’s also not to harsh on our Protestant brothers, as it’s purpose is not simple apologetics.


Gratia tibi ago, amice, legam id postmodo

Bravo…a keeper!

Especially like your footnotes/bibliography…Abbot Vonier’s A Key Doctrine of the Eucharist…great for seeing the beauty and depth and clarity of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Prayers for your efforts with your friend…you have done the “sales” work…now it’s up to the Holy Spirit to take care of the “management” work…all within your friends free will.

Pax Christi

It would be better just to type out the paper, many of us do not want to open files from unknown sources.


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