Theology of the Covenant


I was listening to the Conversion Story of Mr. Scott Hahn and he spoke of the Covenant and all that in his theological studies. I would like to read up on this, does anyone know of any good resource material I coul get a hold of? Thanks and God bless.


A Father Who Keeps His Promises, by Scott hahn is a good start.


:slight_smile: “Swear to God”

“The Lamb’s Supper”

" Hail, Holy Queen"

" First Comes Love"

“Letter and Spirit”

“Lord, Have Mercy”

“Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace”

“Scripture Matters”

These are some of the books that I’ve read by Scott Hahn. Covenant is the main thread throughout Dr. Hahn’s work. He is by far one of the finest apologists available to us. I would recommend his work to all Catholics who wish to fully understand their faith. He is in total union with Rome and the teachings of the Holy See. God Bless…teachccd:)


I am a Religious Coordinator for grades 7-12 in my parish and just bought one of Dr. Hahn’s books for our 9th grade. Their cirriculum is scripture.

The day I got this book home, I started to read through it and before I knew it, I had read through 5 chapters! It is absolutely fantastic and brings out all the details of his Covenant Theology!

The name of the book is “Understanding Scripture,” it’s $45.00 and well worth it. It’s part of his “Didache Series.” I just wish that someone had presented scripure this way to me when I was in school.

Go get it - NOW!


I hate to sound like a Dr. Hahn groupie but I also have that book and would HIGHLY recommend it. It ties the CCC in with Scripture and is very well done…teachccd


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