Is anyone familiar with theophostics and wheter or not it is in conflict with the Catholic faith? There is a book on theophostics by a Baptist minister called Healing Life’s Deepest Hurts and I was wondering if this is in conflict with the Catholic faith? Thanks…

I know a fellow who is a Theophostic minister. He recommends the book “The Sacred Romance”.

Let me first say that I know next to nothing on this subject.

But I understand that in the process we are asking Jesus to reveal His presence in a past event in order to effect some kind of healing.

Unfortunately, this sound to me like directing a mystical event through a method. If so, we know that cannot be done. Interesting that this should come from a Baptist. It sounds to me like possibly a version of exorcism, without the devil.

I had a Presbyterian friend once (years ago) who underwent an “exorcism” under the direction of his pastor. The Catholic Faith takes something like that very seriously, yet among some Protestants, almost anyone might be willing to try anything without considering how truly dangerous it might be.

It reminds me of Montanism, except that instead of calling upon the Holy Spirit they are calling upon Jesus of Nazereth.

Even Jehovah’s Witnesses sometimes do something similar in the back room with the elders.

I admit, I am not well versed on this topic so please forgive me, I am only sharing my first impressions, sort of “thinking out loud”! :wink:

I would say, study it only if you are curious about heretical doctrines, because I am pretty sure this is one.

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