Theory of possession

So those that are reprobates and destined for hell could have been possessed into same sex attraction by devil/demons is this true?


To say people are “destined for hell” implies two things:

  1. predestination, which obliterates free will and renders us all puppets of some crazed entity
  2. Jesus lived, suffered, died and rose for no purpose since everything was already decided.

I don’t know what causes TRUE homosexuality (same sex attraction). It appears to be biological but that can be attributed to the fallen world in which we live. Because a person finds him or herself so attracted does not mean that person has to act on this attraction.

Depends on if you attribute it to the flesh but I think on some scale it is possession would you not agree?

The inclination to sin is universal, while the types of sin are personal. That inclination, no matter how it manifests itself, is our cross to bear. We err if we attempt to insert personal feelings toward types of sin, or to assign anty sense of goodness or badness to a given sin. All sin is bad and is the only thing that can separate us from God. If we take delight in imagining someone suffering in hell, then we may very well be given the opportunity to give that misery some company.

The Catechism concedes that the cause of homosexuality is not known…so we can’t just assume it’s demonic possession. (Plus, I know a lot of nice gay people. :slight_smile: ) I think it’s probably biological.

That may be…, That may be. :hmmm:

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