There Are a Lot of Reasons to Feel Optimistic about America’s Future


Yep…America is blessed.


Other than the fact that our two biggest welfare programs, Medicare and social security are bankrupting the country. Add to that the tax cuts without spending cuts. Other than that, we are doing pretty good.


Social security, a welfare program? That’s a lot like saying that taking money out of something you’ve invested in (or been forced to) for forty years is welfare. Sorry, your “analysis and opinion” is sorely lacking…


The only disagreement I have for you Joey is the corrupt over-usage of social security disability.

I have seen many patients who are debilitated, yet still work. I have seen WAY too many patients who absolutely COULD work, but are “on disability” for various minor issues.

So while I agree with you that our social security retirement is not a welfare program, social security disability certainly is (and one that we need, although it needs significant reforms).


You pay taxes into the welfare system. You are not making an investment but supporting the payouts. Same with Social Security.


Additionally I know of a few postal workers who were double dipping and continue to receive those benefits in retirement.They get their pension as well as disability
In fact one guy was proud of how he was milking the system actually bragged about it


Your point is valid. I have a friend who is the regional judge for all SS disability claims. From the impression I get when he talks about his job, I think he might well agree with you.


I did a calculation of all the money that has been both deducted for social security retirement benefits and the corresponding employer contribution contributed in my account. If that money had been compounded at 6% over the life of forty years, I would have a bit over $900,000.00 to retire on. That was my money (employer contributions are part of an employee’s compensation package) The idea of social security was, initially, a retirement net for older Americans. If I didn’t have to pay SSAN I would be 900k richer than now.

I don’t think initially SS was envisioned as it is today, but politicians being the cowards they are have us in the fix we are now. In response to your post, while I agree with your assessment of it now that SS has taken on more of a welfare look, initially, it was not intended as it is.

And if you think paying into a fund (I don’t care if it is SS or a Keogh or IRA or even a simple passbook savings account) and that is not an investment, your economic knowledge is beyond pathetic. You might want to look at the entire picture and understand the intent of a program before you pipe off with some inanity that is particular only to the recent past.


While we’re complaining, I know a guy who got in his 40 quarters for SS. He was a lawyer and ran for prosecutor, got it and gets a pension for that. He then ran for judge, got it, and gets a pension for that. He lost an election and went to work for the Department of Revenue for a few years and gets a pension for that. Then he went to work for the Dept of Revenue in another state and gets a pension for that.

And not one of those pensions is funded.


I am certainly not saying the system is near perfect. It had a noble beginning. People like the guy you cite are part of the problem of people “gaming the system” Unfortunate, but true.


Social Security Is a massive welfare program in all forms. It takes from those who work and gives to those who won’t work. It is a transfer from workers to the indolent.


Huge difference between SS and a savings account. You have no property right in SS. The government could legally and ethically end it tomorrow. You would have no recourse, because the promise made by SS is no different than that of any other welfare program.


Chicken Little: everything to do with money, finances, even your very life is done “in faith and trust in the government” They have the means to take everything away from you, and lock you away in an insane asylum forever if they want. We have faith that they won’t.

It is the same with social security. It isn’t a welfare system (although I grant some credence to those who see it becoming one), it hasn’t got there yet. It is a forced retirement income system and, granted, the system is leaking, but it isn’t quite the nihilistic hellhole you think it to be.

As for you personally, keep hiding your money in that mattress …:wink:


So the question is, why should the McDonald’s worker be subsidizing the millionaire on the golf course?


Simple yes or no question. The fifth amendment says the government cannot take your property without compensation. Is Social Security covered under the 5th amendment? Are you saying there is a legally binding property right to SS?


on that, you’d need to ask a constitutional lawyer. I am not one.


Thanks for admitting that you are clueless. The answer is that no, because social security is a welfare program benefits are not protected under the fifth amendment. People are “owed” nothing but what the government chooses to give if any.


Isn’t it the other way around? The McDonald’s worker doesn’t make enough money to pay for all their basic needs: food, shelter, transportation, health care, etc. So the millionaire pays taxes, and much of that money is used to fund social welfare programs that help the McDonald’s worker pay for food, shelter, transportation, health care, etc.

Just for a minute, sit back and think about all the buildings, programs, schools, churches, museums, parks, hospitals, rescue missions, etc. that the millionaires have donated in your town or city. Thank God for millionaires!


Thanks for admitting that you are clueless. The answer is that no, because social security is a welfare program benefits are not protected under the fifth amendment. People are “owed” nothing but what the government chooses to give if any.

Absolutely disgusting. You can’t have a responsible discussion so you decide to call names, I hope you are proud of yourself. By all means, if you can’t have a reasonable discussion, then just be quiet.

Now, the government has guaranteed nothing in social security. If you want to have a substantive discussion please post the law that provides the guarantee.


Just because I am against welfare for millionaires doesn’t mean I have anything against them. I could be one of them for all you know.

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