‘There Are No Tints On The Window’: Miami Beach Police After Two Priests Caught Performing Sex Act In Car



I don’t understand why priests are doing this in the open in full view of children?


Lord Have Mercy
Christ Have Mercy,
Lord have Mercy.


More evidence that there is likely a homosexual faction in the Church that needs to be rooted out.


Fr. Berrio is the spiritual director and canonical adviser for a youth group called Iskali. According to its website, 35 percent of its members are between the ages of 15 and 18 and 55 percent are 19 to 30 years old. Iskali runs “faith awakening retreats” and “seeks to provide a culturally sensitive evangelization experience to evangelize young Hispanics in the U.S.,” according to its website.

The priests live together at 2323 North Wilke Road in Arlington Heights, a Chicago suburb, at the Mission of San Juan Diego. Berrio is the pastor there.



They gotta go.


Yep… already done as per the article. Cardinal Cupich acted immediately.


Finally something reassuring!!


I am glad they were sent packing, and that their home diocese was informed. Now we will see if there is further action from their home diocese.


A statement on climate change is due from the Cardinal…


Two priests having sex in a car does not equal a “homosexual faction in the Church”. A faction of two would be quite a tiny faction. :roll_eyes:

There might be other evidence for a “homosexual faction,” but this isn’t part of it.


You are confusing evidence with a case, or an argument. This is evidence. And it really is evidence for a homosexual faction. It is actually pretty small evidence compared to the more troubling evidence which is why it is simply ‘more evidence’. The case is already so obvious that this evidence really adds nothing.


A faction is defined as “a small, organized, dissenting group within a larger one.” In what way does this case indicate the existence of an organized group of homosexuals in the Church?


I know you know the Catholic Church teaches homosexual acts are wrong. So you already know the answer.


You’re wrong because I don’t understand your reasoning at all. Two priests having sex in a parked car might be wrong in the eyes of the Church, but that does not mean that those two priests are part of an organized faction nor does it prove that any such organized faction exists.


Right, evidence plus an argument is a proof. I said this was more evidence. The other evidence is the sexual abuse being hugely disproportionately homosexual, recent claims of bishops, claims from multiple seminarians and more. In regards to this specific incident the priests were part of a program that had been broken up years ago due to a prevalence of homosexual activity within the group. So all this together is why this is more evidence of a homosexual faction in the Church.


I have the same question. The best answer I came up with was: it was just a money thing. A hotel room would have been another $80 or more for them. That’s just a best guess. Maybe they did have some attraction to having the kids nearby.


Because Homosexuality is a disorder.


At least there were no children involved in this one.


Before we go to far and say these both need to be sacked, I thought of another element to the case. I only mention it, so if one gets reassigned instead of laicized, or “rehabilitated” everyone doesn’t freak out. The priest who is older by nine years was the director of the mission, with the younger one working for him. It might be that an investigation will show there was a power dynamic that was abused, what we would call, workplace harassment.

Obviously it could have been totally consensual without this, but it is too early to know, even for the bishop stuck with sorting this sordid incident out.

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