There have been times when "hell" has gotten the best of the catholic church

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I created a new thread on this one, ja4, so that we can focus on the topic of how “hell” has gotten the best of the Catholic Church. Please elaborate!

Often it is the failings of promient figures that have made history. Though rarely is the whole truth presented.

For example, many of the infamous member of the Spanish Inquisition did not listen to the rules set forth by the Church and were arrested and sentenced to life in prison for what they did.

Sample of error in the Catholic Church,

When St. Paul corrected St. Peter because St. Peter refused to eat with the gentiles. (The first pope making an error in a decision)

Does that count?

I think justasking4’s point is that even though hell may not overcome the church… it does not mean that the church is incapable of making mistakes.

I think that may actually be the reason why Peter’s failures were more prominent/emphasized in the New Testament, in comparison to the other apostles.

We as Catholics cannot rest on our laurels and just presume that our church can do no wrong… even if whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven.

No, but thank you for playing! :wink:

Infallibilty is not extended to individual persons, who are fallible and do make mistakes, as Peter did. In fact, Peter was acting in contradiction to his own pronouncement of truth. Peter did not engage in this behavior as “pope” (officially teaching the faithful on moral absolutes) but as an individual who was afraid of being ostracized.

I agree with you that this is his point.

Yes, I agree with you here too. I think that the HS wanted to make it clear that He would use fallible persons to carry and preserve the truth of the Gospel. The HS wanted it to be very clear that even in spite of the specially chosen and annointed persons of God, truth would prevail.

Well, if you believe that,then you are not Catholic. The Church is the Body of Christ, and He is it’s Head. The Soul of the Church is the HS, and the HS is God, and cannot err. Although individual members of the Body can err, as Peter an all of us do, Jesus breathed upon the Apostles just as the HS breathed the scriptures. They come from the same divine Source, and therefore, cannot err.

Peter’s condust is not the same as him teaching on doctrine or morals.

Exactly.:yup: From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

"In the Vatican definition infallibility (whether of the Church at large or of the pope) is affirmed only in regard to doctrines of faith or morals;"

This doesn’t mean that every utterance of the Holy Father is infallible, only those spoken ex cathedra, on matters of faith and morals, have the endowment promised by our Savior.

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