There is an app for that!


Does anyone have any good Iphone or Ipad apps for kids. I am looking for something for 6yrs and under. I have found only one that I like, Tozzle.


I like bible4kids it is a bible quiz for children and its free :slight_smile:


I like Talking Carl :thumbsup:
Oh and Memory Block (similar to the old Simon game)


My kids are in Kinder:

Pattern recognition, kindergarten,

Spelling HD, You type in and verbally record the word on their spelling list

poketphonic (teaches proper handwriting too)


Teach me Kindergarten (math and spelling)… continues through the grades.

As you review their homework, and you notice pages they aren’t doing well on, search those topics. You’ll be blown away with all the apps per topic. Start with free versions!

Crazy copy (also like simon says)

They also like battleship, which makes them really think. They are starting to figure out how to select their next target.


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