There Is No Catholic Case For Biden

Abortions more than likely have decreased since the 80’s due to increase and ease of access to contraceptives and the AIDS epidemic but abortions still happen. There is nothing that can show us what will happen in the future. That is yet to be seen but it is our responsibility to work to save lives and that will be extremely difficult under a pro-abortion/pro-death administration.


Is it? The most important aspect to reducing abortions seem to be reducing sexual behavior outside of marriage as 85% of all abortions are performed on unmarried women. It seems like it is important to be good examples to those that may be vulnerable to abortion than pushing a legal solution.

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That is partly true and it is only a very small beginning. People need to know abortion is wrong and why

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It seems like an accident so nobody is going to be arrested.

I don’t think pregnancy is legally defined as such.

It’s her responsibility if she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

As it takes two, I would say it is their responsibility. I have a different take on QContinuum’s point about support from the father of the unborn child. I think it totally reasonable that the pregnant woman, have child support to pay for the birth, or in the case of the state paying for it, the AG going after the father for reimbursement.

As pointed out above, the problem of abortion is a side product of the sexual revolution. It is reasonable to tie legal responsibility to behavior. Indiscriminate sexual activity, premarital sex, and extramarital affairs are sins that we may not be able to outlaw, but we should be able to hold those who engage in these responsible for the results of their behavior.

When I was young, the big political issue was no-fault divorce. That might have been the first case (I remember anyway) where there was a push to separate illicit sex from its consequences.

Men should be held accountable for the pregnancy, but men aren’t always reliable so a women has to be careful because of that.

There is also this, the Vatican II like Elizabeth II, the red team ideology versus the blue team one, they try to stay head of both sides to encapsulate people, maybe also to encourage people seeking out things. The silver and gold keys on the shield for instance of the Vatican our historically from my perspective Protestant and Catholic signs, the silver cross for protestants and also gives birth to songs like silver and gold, born in the purple for people that get both of them rounded up. There is always this culturally diverse map with every region and every flag somehow drawn up, but for some reason they start from scratch and rise to various levels of uniformity, in each generation, so church of the universe or planet I guess. Anyways, that stuff is just my experience being British and French, Protestant and Catholic and it is that they seem like the same church to me…Also, the Imaginem Simultudinem in the vulgate, without translating seems to be saying imagine a similar thing and look at the parallel step for step that the church has, where the procession of Saints is the handing down of a life in a way similar to having a child reborn. There are many reasons justifying why the church would exist fundamentally as it is, and why the knowledge system would be a bit vast and strange, I am pretty sure the Pope is rooted to Pompei and Julius Ceaser the Emperor or universal second person. People without for whatever reason, the means to produce a child or find their identity outside of their biological parents or means of coming about. Many don’t favor their biological parents and roots, though they should but nonetheless, they should also do as they do, especially if they ever went through selective mating in their societies, leaving many with just this life and one generation, plus some churches have chastity vows and adopt people primarily so they seem to reproduce and be more dependent on social roles than biological constitutional origin. Nowadays, they could get by with both fine.

This works both ways. Unreliability flows through the two genders equally.

Women usually get the short end of the stick in this regard.

Not always. Many times men are completely left out of the decision of whether a child lives or dies when a single woman/girlfriend is pregnant.

I will agree that many times also, though, there are men who heavily encourage their wives or girlfriends to abort but also many parents and grandparents do this to their daughters.

That’s why I put the word usually.

Usually means normally, routinely or generally. Sorry that is how it sounded to me.

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Thanks for bringing that up, because this is why people are apart from accepting God in the first place. If I went from the unanimous foundational idea of what it really is for everybody, not divisive but what brings about unity and is favorable, what is in common with the “Indian” so to speak. If I used the ideas of God to not condemn or convict people of “crimes”, to bring people together and connect versus disconnect people, to favorably explain why everything happens according to the law of the real God like everything happens according to the constitution that really is, then, the idea of God and constitution would be synonymous with how it is, with the motive and will of a favorable God, reflecting the motive and the will of things in general and it would even be true. Whether God were the planet, the universe, the animal or even the whole garden, it would certainly be difficult to suggest God runs around using his words to convict people of crimes, wouldn’t those crimes by God’s crimes, like every conviction in the state in this war against the people, is really the states crimes with numerous repeat offenses that have kickers of geneva convention violations and the best of all…the same crime is still going to occur…what justice, it must of been the citizen sitting in jail or prison solely guilty, that is why there are 10000 convictions of the same crime in a state where I doubt the intention of the founders is to convict everybody of crimes., plus the poor citizens have to still suffer the next offense and ask…maybe this is why you are suppose to uphold rights, maybe this is why the scales of justice have an equal contribution on both sides to the same outcome and balance, favorable on one side say +3 and non-favorable on the other side say -3 is 6 away from balance and religiously leads to both hands crucified and a strong case for the atheist. Lets just kill lambs and burn goats every day over and over, that will fix the problem. Like the baptist says, repent dudes, make adjustment, your laws are short of what God’s laws are…use congress divided as the representing proof that the actual constitution is something else for everybody.

I think it’s important to point out that not all sex is consensual, from the woman’s point of view.

While abortion always, of course, is grave (very grave!) matter for sin, culpability may be reduced in many cases.

Woah! We agree a lot here. Abortion is rapid because of men. We are the ones at fault.

A woman gets pregnant and the whole world just changed dramatically for her. Her body, her hormones and a lot more. A natural thing, but women do have that fear. With it add a constant bombardment of, it is only a simple procedure to get rid of this and nothing to its and you can continue your passion or career.

But most importantly? Men. The woman will be in fear. We the Men need to be Men and do what is right. We need to be there and ensure the woman that everything will be alright, and we will get through this together.

Men need to be men and not cowards. Bravery is not going to war to defend your country. Bravery is doing what is right.

This is what God tells us. This is what the church teaches. Men, be a man and not a coward. Jesus was a mans man. The ultimate “Muy Macho” He is the model and He is our strength.

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President Trump is far more honest than Joe Biden. Trump exaggerates.

Biden, on the other hand, lies.
For example, like about being arrested in South Africa helping Mandela, graduating at the top of his college class (he was near the bottom), or being a professor at Pennsylvania. On several occasions, Biden said that he would ban fracking, and now he says that he never said that. And, of course, Biden’s family has made $-millions off his foreign connections. Joe Biden was also part of one of the most scandal-ridden Administrations (the Obama Administration) in recent times.

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That’s exactly what I told my son in law last night.After the debate I texted him stating that the difference between JB and President Trump was glaringly obvious re their integrity.
Biden a career politician can lie with a straight face as he is very practiced in such behaviors.
Whereas,Trump,doesn’t lie,he tends to embellish and speak in superlatives. I’ll take Trump any day of the week

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Who is your son in law voting for?

Trump we all are in my family,immediate and extended

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