There is now iBreviary for ANDROID/Google phones!

I couldn’t bring myself to buy an iPhone, even though I knew that there were many more apps available.

I love my Android (Google) phone, but there were absolutely no apps for things like the rosary or the Divine Office or anything that.

However, this morning, I searched again for “Catholic” and found iBreviary is now available for Google phones!

I am overjoyed. It’s very, very cool.

I’m thinking of trying to contact the developers of some iPhone apps and asking them to please develop for Android, as well. I think there is a growing base of Android OS users out there.

Android is the OS created by Google for use on mobile devices. It’s “open source” which means that developers can tinker with it and improve it. They’re also open in allowing peole to develop apps and you’re not forced to interface with your phone via an application like iTunes. For people who feel frustrated by Apple’s controlling ways, Android is really freeing.

I was a tiny bit tempted to go for an iPhone, but the whole Apple iTunes thing somehow leaves me cold. I’m very happy with my Android OS Google phone.

I’m so happy :slight_smile: I have a my touch which is an android phone and had also noticed that there weren’t any catholic applications for it. Now we only need the rosary application and we’ll be set!

Yeah, I’d like to see something like the Rosary available for iPhone. It contains the Divine Mercy chaplet, novenas, etc, as well.

You know, I first learned to pray the rosary via a Palm Pilot application? LOL

There’s an app called Sincere Prayer available on android… has the rosary. They’re working on adding prayers, I believe. The app certainly gives that impression.

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