There is plenty more where that came from

“There is plenty more where that came from.”

As a child, I only heard this if I have received punishment for something that was unacceptable and displeasing to my parents. Is the Church the same way to the world that it is in? If they want know how wrong they are, the Church is more then willing to let them know of it, and there is always plenty more where that came from.

God gave us of Himself for us to give to those who have not, that without Him you would have not. If you have received Mercy where is the Mercy to give that is of God? If you have received forgiveness where the forgiveness that you have received of God? Love Faith Hope Truth Life Way Wisdom Knowledge Understanding, Mercy Righteousness and Judgement that Of God, and not of yourselves, nor the world. As sinner the world already has what you have as a sinner.

To have more of the things of God, is to give more of the things of God. For what profit a man if God see that he, the man, not give freely what was given him freely that is of God.

But if it be not of God, then it is not of Life, therefore we have no pretense to have that which feeds the Spirit, unless it be of the Spirit. You receive of God to give of God. Do we not yet know, that which is of God, There is plenty more where that came from. Which is of God.


This is a puzzling query - obviously my background must be different. Growing up and as an adult, I have heard this expression many times, and always in a context of abundance and generosity, especially but not always about food or water. As in “enjoy it, there’s plenty more where that came from” or “have some more, there’s plenty more where that came from” or “please, take some with you, there’s plenty more where that came from. . . .” And in that way, I hope, the Church is indeed offering the infinite abundance of God’s mercy and love to the world.

But I think I don’t understand the OP’s question.

Same here. I only ever heard that expression in a positive manner.

thanks everyone for the reply

I apologize if the posting seems ill conceived, but sometime one tires of the effects of the institution, rather then seeing the institution is for the opportunity.

The “institution”? I think I may know what you mean.

Yeah, a lot of us have trouble with the institution of the Church. We cannot fathom some of the things it says and does. The details of the handling of the priest sex abuse scandal are troublesome, to be sure.

The attention to the juvenile sex abuse scandals also distracts from other abuses within the church.

One of my recent complaints that forced me to change parishes was this. On the one hand, the priest was “doing his job” to solicit funds for the diocesan CSA – Catholic Services Appeal, which funds the office of the bishop and other diocese-level offices and activities. Well, one of these activities is adult formation – which includes bible study.

ON THE OTHER HAND, my former pastor was not disposed to have our own parish Bible study group.

How do you like that? I call it raising money under false pretenses. Raising money FOR bible study and then OBSTRUCTING it in his own parish – at the same time.

Well, one positive result is that it cured me of Catholic group Bible study. I’ve done more and accomplished more on my own than in any group which was not run as I think it should be run (first and foremost, it should be friendly. I did not find the ‘alternative’ Bible study groups around here to be friendly.)

And, good or bad, I didn’t “want more where that came from” either. You hit a nerve, alright.


thanks for the reply

I believe we are all in dire need of discernment, in these days of hostility toward the Truth of God. In and outside the Church. It just so happens I was reading commentaries in the Torah discussing the reasoning of Kosher. If it has this but not that, it’s not Kosher to receive as food. And an abomination to us.

For example I’ve been in churches were they want be Righteousness and execute Judgement but don’t understand that God’s Mercy sets over His Law and Covenant. Hence one is not without the others, or it is not Kosher, not of God . But yet there is Mercy, there is Righteousness and Judgement. And another understanding in Jesus Christ, One is not without the others. The same could be said in Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of God, or Love Faith and Hope of God, the Truth, Way and Life of God.

But God has the Grace to forgive our misunderstandings of Him, or that we would be wrong about Him, but God the Father, through the Son is never wrong about us. Wolves in sheep’s clothing bring things on their own heads, which is left to God’s Judgement. We must trust He sees all hearts and souls.

We being sheep (if you will) should know what is good for us. Understanding that only God is Good. Therefore that which is of God, through His Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit is Good for us. For only God knows what is good for us. For the Father knows what is Good for His Children.

One must trust when such things that you have mentioned come to pass, that there is nothing under the sun that the Lord can’t overcome. And he does it in His People. Those who Love Him know, but those who don’t Love Him won’t know. No matter how much Scripture they quote, in their own interpretations, for their own agendas.

Just as Israel is Israel (with or without their own land) no matter what Israel is. So is the Church. But the Institution of the Church established by God just as He established Israel is given for the opportunity that His Children may become effective for His Purpose which no one can stop but Him.

For God so Loved the world.

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