There’s no God say 96% in web poll 'sting'

A CHRISTIAN advertising campaign has proved an Almighty failure after its own survey declared: “God doesn’t exist.”

The multi-million pound drive for The Alpha Course posed the question “Does God Exist?”.

It urged people to consider the evidence before going online to choose “Yes”, “No” or “Probably”.

More than 88,000 responded to the posters and adverts.

But embarrassingly the poll on the Christian website backfired with a massive 96 PER CENT insisting there was no God - and only three per cent saying they did believe.

One per cent were unsure about God.

A graph on the group’s website highlights the result - next to an ad by TV adventurer Bear Grylls plugging the Christian courses.

The nationwide campaign started in September - inspired by a Humanist Society advert last year that declared there was “probably no God”.

Alpha chiefs last night blamed a web sting for the response.

Spokesman Mark Elsdon-Dew added: “I don’t think this is indicative of people’s faith in this country.”

But the Humanist Society said the poll had backfired.

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the site was probably spammed by “Humanist”.

No doubt some sort of spamming was involved. Surely it is not cause for embarrassment to be hit by such things on the internet. My only question is whether this belongs in News, as it is surely not news and The Sun is not a newspaper. Perhaps Popular Media would have been more appropriate.

Online polls have no validity. They don’t measure public opinion, what they measure, as others have mentioned, is the ability of interest groups to mobilize their members into voting.

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