There's a bubble monster taking over my kitchen!


I had burnt something on the bottom of one of my pots, and after trying to boil it off, soaking it in vinegar and scrubbing the daylights out of it, I put some dish detergent in the pot and let it sit for a while.

DH loaded the dishwasher last night, and of course not knowing that I had coated the bottom of this pan in detergent, put it in.

I just ran the dishwasher. :eek: :eek: :eek:

There are bubbles everywhere! They’re coming out of the side of the dishwasher and they’ve spread across the floor. I just washed the floor yesterday, but have been skating back and forth anyway to try to at least reap the benefits of sudsy water on my floor.

I did look at the pot in the dishwasher and it still has burnt stuff on it. :frowning:


if you make a paste with baking soda and water and let it sit on the burnt stuff on your pan for a couple of hours, that might help.


Try ketchup if that doesn’t work.


You are not alone!!! (sorry, some inapropriate language in here (one “F-bomb”), but you can just turn down the volume, the pictures speak for themselves!!)



Never tried this remedy…but here goes

Here’s another remedy too.
Sprinkle powdered cleanser or baking soda liberally over the burned portion of the pot, then add only enough water to moisten the powder or soda well. Cover the pot with plastic wrap so that the moisture won’t evaporate and let stand several hours or overnight. You can sometimes lift the burned portion out of the pot with only a little scraping. If the pot is very badly burned it may need 2 such treatments.


Thanks everyone for the tips. The pot may not be salvagable, but it’s part of our rented pot set anyway, which cost only about $20. On the positive side, my floor is cleaner than it’s ever been. T

he Youtube video was pretty funny too.


You can also try to put a dryer sheet in it with water and let it soak. Something in the dryer sheet makes the burnt stuff not stick, kind works like osmosis of static cling. LOL

Works on my stainless pots and pans.


I have had success with oven cleaner


had this problem with our first dishwasher, called repairman in a panic, they said to open it, add a half capful of liquid fabric softener, and start it on the short wash or rinse cycle, then run on a full cycle with plain water nothing added. put some fabric softener in your scrub bucket when mop the floor.


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