There's always a ray of hope


Good day everyone, and GOD bless! I have been gone from Catholic forums for a while…Well I have been undergoing so many health problems I can’t even begin to mention…And I have failed on so many ocassions to keeping my faith strong, with my naggings and my worries so much my hair has almost disappeared…So frustrating. I ended up having one surgery done, life saving, thank GOD it was discovered finally!!! I had gallstones and had my gallbladder removed! As less invasive as it was, I still felt a lot of pain!!! It was terrible. Everyone around me said it would last 1-3 days the most, it has lasted 4 weeks…Everyone told me it’s because I am a wuss, have low tolerance for pain, but you know what it hurt and I had been moving and walking around since the day of the surgery…lol…I might have complained about the pain a lot but it wasn’t fake complaints it was agonizing pain…Then I found out the doctor took a little longer on me because of my excess weigth more for him to dig through I guess??? So even more bruising and more pain given to me-does that justify my pain, I don’t know but I know that what I have felt is terrible! The lack of sleep is another problem, I finally slept for 5 hours tonight! LOL BUT I am happy that it is over and done with! I don’t have to worry about my stomach pains that were on a scale of 10-10 a ten lol when they happened, and I don’t have to worry about feeling sick with everything I eat…And I thank GOD I made it out of that surgery alive and in one piece!!! Another day, month, year to see and spend time with my family!!!

Believe me I thank GOD!!! DAILY!!! lol

During all this pain and suffering, a small sacrifice paid for no more stomach problems, lol, something wonderful happened, my boyfriend, whom we’ve been engaged on and off because of family problems, decided now is as good time as any, he bought a very lovely ring, which I had a promise ring before-not an official engagement ring, got on his knees again, but this time his family knew about it, and proposed to me and at the same time bought me a house!!! A house which in turn will become our home when we are married!!! :smiley: He had been waiting for his lawsuit settlement to come in, for 2 years poor thing from his car accident. His lazy butt wouldn’t work because he was full of stress, yes not good enough reason to not work when he wants to be the head of a family, with 3 young children, but patience has paid off… GOD has decided now is as good time as any, and has blessed my fiance with the ability to actually provide a home to his future family! It’s not a mansion or anything, it’s a small cozy 1100 sq ft home 3 bed 1 bath with enough space for another and is a fixer upper, but worth it! He is giving me the keys and has told me that it was the least he could do for his queen! I am extatic!! I didn’t expect all this you know! LOL I was super happy just getting the engagement ring and then to know I will have a home of my own soon! Wow, it’s one of the most amazing surprises ever! AND another great blessing for us! No more landlords, no more getting kicked out of homes, no more living in fear of living in the streets! It’s a great weight lifted off my shoulders!

Now it’s official, our wedding and the begining of the rest of our lives! We are hoping for next August, gives us enough time to prepare, lol, and maybe for me to finally lose some weight after this surgery my stomach has ended up more blown up than ever!! LOL
I look like a hippo, seriously, but I guess the swelling takes time??? Hopefully soon though I don’t fit in my clothes and I haven’t gained any weight??? Interesting…

Anyhow, so no matter what GOD is always listening to our pleas and at His time His blessings come, after all the struggles and sadness God has blessed our family with a wonderful man, whom gave us a home, and whom will be part of our family forever more…It’s one of the greatest blessings we could have ever received! What my exhusband was unable to do or willing to do for us, this man has made most of my wishes come true…thanks to GOD’s infinite love and blessing!!!

I just wanted to share my story with everyone, instead of me complaining about something, I am looking at things a little more different and full of hope and joy because dreams do come true, just have to be patient with GOD, just when I thought the landlord was throwing me out because he didn’t want to help me pay for the water leak in his house that cost me 600 dollars, I get to move into my new home in a month, thanks to GOD! He knows what he’s doing!!! :slight_smile: Keep praying, and never lose hope, with GOD all is possible!! :smiley: GOD BLESS!!


Oh wow…how great! I think that is more than just one ray…maybe a couple of rays of hope. :smiley: Here’s to your health, and a happy marriage! I’m so glad for you…God always works things out for our best! :heart: God bless!!


iluvmybabies I’m happy for your successful surgery and all your recent happy happenings and hope you continue to heal and recover from your surgery. God bless:)


thank you whatevergirl, believe me all this just kind of hit me like a ton of good bricks!! LOL I just had to share in how wonderful things have been going and how greatful I am for God’s wonderful miracles… I am glad one surgery is done and hoping for the rest to be this successful-have colon problems, apart from all the other stuff, still worried about my precancerous cells, but you know right now this is my present and I am enjoying the great gifts GOD has blessed us with! :smiley: And yes you are right, He does I really believe He does…Now I just pray that He guide me in speaking with my family because they are sooooo not happy about it!! LOL Thanks and hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! GOD BLESS!!!


THANK you shannyk, I am extremely excited and so grateful, even after all the negatives there is always a positive well more than one lol…I am hanging in there working hard and keeping hope!! :smiley: GOD BLESS!!!


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