There's always room for Cello - Apocalyptica

A friend at work introduced me to this group and music. Anyone familiar with them and their music?



Some of their stuff is great (I own one album, Cult… one of the best Grieg covers ever). Recently I’ve been hearing one song on my coworker’s internet radio that just plain sucks, so apparently they’re having an off year or something. Hopefully they’ll get back on track. I’m not much of a metalhead, but most of what I’ve heard from them has been good fun.

My friend is into that kind of music and also groups like the Dropkick Murphys. Not really my style, but find the Cello guys kind of interesting…thanks for response…

I can just imagine their initial attempts to promote their concept…

“We’re mightily Nordic hair-swinging Finns…and we are monsters of the…Cello! Rrraagggh!”

Agent: “Novelty acts down the hall - no dogs. Thanks.”

But yeah, they do rule pretty darn often! ^^

I like some of their stuff, but I haven’t really listened to much of their music.
I first heard of them last year, when I heard that Till Lindemann (the singer from Rammstein) was the guest vocalist for their song Helden. I like that song and their cover of Seeman the best.

I recently watched their DVD, can’t remember the title ATM, but I quite enjoyed it :smiley:

I’ve heard excerpts. Good music.

Thanks all, I ve watched them on You Tube and really some weird but interesting music.

Heard big in Europe, don’t think as popular here…

Here’ s how it probably went down…Hey fellas, our parents made us take classical Cello lessons for years, how can we make this work so we can get treated like rock stars and meet chicks? is history…

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