Theresa May to resign as prime minister

I have German and Irish roots but unfortunately they are too far back to be legally relevant for the purposes of a German or Irish passport…


I expect to see you swapping that panda profile pic for a “matador” now amigo. :wink:

You have a very fascinating family.

I like my panda. He is a git normally and rolls his ball but that won’t work here sadly. I like red pandas particularly, they are my favourite animal.

My family is not that exciting on a day to day basis. I suspect most people have quite mixed family trees why dig around a bit.

A good number - a majority if you go back far enough - but you’d be surprised how many Brits are simply descended from people who’ve frequented these isles for many generations (certainly outside London).

Your family is pretty diverse (Ireland, Peru, Russia, Spain etc.), and that’s a good thing. A very good thing in my book. Travel broadens the mind, after all.

It does. But it can also produce some funny reactions, you realize how small the UK and Ireland are considered in other places and how they are both seen as the same thing and people don’t really understand the difference. I run up against that at work with colleagues who can’t understand the difference between the two sometimes. Not a big deal, why should they? Why should someone growing up in Ghana say be au fait with British or Irish history?

You encounter it even with Americans who are quite bemused by the ‘deep’ and fraught histories among the different nations of these Isles on the western edge of Europe. Often they just refer to the entire archipelago as “England”.

Or should I say, “especially” with Americans.

Did you know that old maps of the UK (until very recently) ‘always’ enlarged the country relative to the continent? We are such a “wee” small land but think ourselves oh so very central to world affairs.

I’ve traced some of my ancestors back to the late 1600s, living in the same county as I still do now. But I do have some Irish and Scottish links too, in the 19th century.

Sadly, I’m stuck here. Although I stand by what I said a few years ago - if Scotland becomes independent and the rest of the UK leaves the EU, I’d be seriously considering moving.

This was back in June 2016:

It appears that England and England have reached the point of irreconcilable differences. No-one knows what’s happening or what’s going to happen, everyone contradicts everyone and Labour’s falling apart.

I might move to Scotland, if they’ll take me.
Sturgeon - Scotland could veto Brexit

Seems nothing has changed :wink:

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You were far-sighted @Lou2U

Scotland would be lucky to have you!

In fact, we are severely underpopulated and if freedom of movement is restricted post-Brexit, an influx of English and Welsh Remainers would be a godsend to our migrant-dependant economy.

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You are very generous and circumspect in your wording.

How very dare they!

That’s lovely of you to say, @Vouthon! Honestly, if everything does end up as bad as I fear in the rest of the UK, Scotland would be a brilliant place to restore my sanity/hope in the human race.

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@JharekCarnelian Was it that sheriff from the Roger Moore James Bond movies? Culpepper, I believe?

I Just found it funny, they were an elderly couple. I got the impression this was a retirement trip around Europe or similar and they were a nice couple. Just struggled mightily with British accents is all. I managed to use a Canadian colleague whose accent they could cope with to ‘translate’ for me. They wanted to buy a lot of stuff to send back home to kids and grandkids and wanted to know could I do a discount for them. It was quite common for Americans to struggle with our accents actually, especially when they encountered those of us who had less standard ones. My own speaking voice is fairly neutral unless I’m being silly and mucking about but for Americans encountering Scots or Irish (and Welsh) It must be difficult at times for some of them.

Who in their right mind couldn’t understand "Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye" or “come oon, get aff!”?

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Nah, too pleasant for that. Cuddly older couple, probably in their 70’s or so. Although a less funny story from that same workplace concerns my colleague who was Sikh. An American woman came up to him and said very slowly,’ Do…you… speak…English.’ His response, ‘Not at all madam, I possess no fluency in that tongue whatsoever.’

Your work colleague is a legend then.

Thank god someone involved in the discussion had some grace and decorum.

That kind of stupid remark is common in retail and all customer service roles sadly. Other classics, ‘Can’t you read?’ ‘Why did you let that blind man go in the queue first?’ (yes, that’s from a real example)

What will May’s legacy/political obituary be then?

The Prime Minister who normalised and made conceivable “no deal” given her disengenuous “no deal is better than a bad deal” mantra (even though the original Leave campaign called for a negotiated exit with a trade deal), and who showed absolutely no political acumen, grace or spirit of compromise but rather continually bullied, threatened and wilfully misled parliament (even to the extent of endangering the lives of MPs by casting them as enemies of the people) and who wasted three precious years of our national life…yet the greatest thing about her, the only redeeming quality, was that she wasn’t Boris Johnson and that far worse things were kept at bay whilst her worse-than-useless premiership hobbled on and still had life-support switched on.

Well you were, once, until ca. 1950!

The likes of the British Empire may never be seen again.


Pray god, I sincerely hope it’s like never is seen again.

Just ask the Indians, Irish or Africans - not to mention the Americans!

Remind me, how much was it they were charging for Maltese citizenship at the last count? Although, come to think of it, with my wife being Scottish I guess our northern neighbours might let her take me back there with her.

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