"Therese" on NetFlix

It gets 3 1/2 stars, and is worth a look for those with NetFlix streaming accounts . . .

“At age 14, when most girls experience their first brush with young love, Therese (Lindsay Younce) falls head over heels – for God. Sidestepping incredible odds to become a Carmelite nun, she transforms the Catholic church forever. Therese finds herself entering the cloistered world of the sisterhood. Leonardo Defilippis co-stars in and directs this inspired period drama, based on the actual writings of Saint Therese of Lisieux.”

We have the DVD; I thought the movie portrayed St. Therese as an insipid air-head. They could have done a much better job portraying a saint.

Saw it for the first time with some people i know, and i liked it. I agree, Dave. Therese did come off like an airhead at times, but she was also a little girl and she died at a young age. I mean, she entered the Carmelite convent when girls her age would be in high school nowadays.

this is a good movie and worth the purchase if you can find the DVD. I never got to see it in the theater (and I even tried to get my parish’s pastor to try to get a petition signed to get it into the local movie theater chain…he thought it would eventually come to the theater on its own…it never did). I bought it a few years ago at Target of all places. I think if IIRC that the actress that played Therese actually converted to Catholicism sometime during or after the movie’s release.

Remember, she had a great “conversion” of sorts when she was like 12…after that illness she suffered from. She also lost her mother when she was 4 years old. I don’t remember her acting shallow/airheadish?

I didn’t think she came across as an airhead at all. I found the movie very well done.

The mystical scenes came across as very realistic and believable.

The part that gave me pause when I watched it was the metal bars at the convent separating the sisters from the rest. After I’ve read enough saints stories though I finally understand. There are so many stories of families upset about their daughter joining a convent instead of marrying off and even stories of suitors trying to abscond with what they think is their rightful wife… I now understand it the same way I understand security at womens shelters to protect the occupants and not to confine the occupants.

We have netflix. What age children would be ok for viewing? Is it suitable for all ages? If so, would it hold their interest?

I’m not so sure it’s suitable for all ages. Someone in the movie said the B word at one point, and the movie does delve into Therese’s death.


It’s this movie here. I think it’s good though not exactly earth-shaking to me.

It’s a Leonardo DeFilippis production, Leonardo DeFiplippis did the one-man show, Maximilian, St. of Auschwitz which honestly to me, is one of the best movies I have seen and he has done this drama in a number of churches as well and the production has also been marketed as a recording where one can listen to it like a radio drama.


Also, DeFilippis has done a number of other dramas on St. Francis, God’s Troubador I believe, Song of Songs among others.

So, DeFilippis does a lot of good with his dramas and my personal view is we need to support his work. I didn’t quite remember the use of the one-word mentioned above in one of the posts.

I love the way the movie is presented. As a person with a strong devotion and often requesting St Therese’s intercession, Lindsey Younce brought Therese to life very well.

Ive seen it, we have a Catholic movie rental, when DVDs came out, I got the movies on St. Bernadette in French, trying to learn that language.

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