“These are really Devil things.”

Likening ISIS’s rampage to the Devil, the Pope’s envoy to Iraq on Monday made the careful case for taking on ISIS in the name of protecting civilians.

“No one can use the name, or in the name of God to do something like this,” said Cardinal Fernando Filoni, referring to ISIS’s very public beheadings. “These are really Devil things.”


It is okay to be silent upon hearing Cardinal Fernando Filoni’s words. Silent and praying


Im kind of surprised by the shock at these be-headings, sure they are terrible and I agree, ISIS is a horrible group, but be-headings are nothing new, they were the preferred method of execution for decades in alot of countries, I mean, alot of these be-headings were huge public events, like festivals, people would bring their kids, pack lunches for everyone, friends and family met, etc.

Kind of strange, especially in the times we live in, that so many people would be sooo offended by these be-headings…?? Anyone else get what Im trying to say here?

Nothing strange mikekle about disliking barbaric practices such as beheadings. It’s simply barbaric then and now. Fast forward 3 centuries and spectator sports of murder are no longer a norm in a civilized society. Of course we have those who want to take us back but we’ll deny them from doing so.

Yeah, I realize that, but our society is much more immoral than days past, we think nothing of killing unborn babies by the millions, along with the 1000 other things that are considered normal in todays world, I still say its strange for so many to be outraged in such a society.

I would never argue your point. I am sure that dear Cardinal Fernando Filoni would agree with you. I agree with you but the hope is for all to see that Islamic State (IS) stands poised as a greater threat than communism or all the abortionist that ever were. Without certain freedoms and liberties there can never be a chance of conversion.

good point

I see the point your making and it’s worth getting upset over but something more sinister may be just around the corner which will take us back over 2ooo yrs if we let it. They will try to destroy civilization as we know it. A predominately Christian civilization would be erased and the era of barbarism and mayhem will attempt to take over. A Christian civilization is not perfectly kept by all but it definitely the best we can come up with or should I say Christ came up with. Pax

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