These Are the Groups Behind Those ‘Spontaneous’ Anti-Trump-Ban Protests


How little-known groups were behind the thousands taking to the streets after Donald Trump’s election win—and thousands more filling airports across the country over the weekend.


Community organizing brought together protestors? gasp


Yeah, how else do protests start? It’s not like people just go and individually hold signs, thinking they will be the only one there. How awkward. Every conservative protest I’ve been involved with was organized by a group or groups.


The problem is that they are not organic, they are financed (a great many by Soros) and
the outside agitators paid to protest .


Prove it. No one I know who protested was paid, and I know many people who were at the protests.


Where do I sign up? I need some extra money.

Do they pay cash? 1099 or under the table? Before or after the event? Do they supply the signs? Travel expenses?

Forgot to say, don’t care if left or right. As a good capitalist, Will work for cash


How many thousands around our country and the world were protesting, but because you are acquainted with many who were not paid, this means it is untrue?


I’m attended a pro-refugee protest tomorrow in my community. 1500 are expected. It was organized by a variety of local non-profits that help refugees get resettled in the area, and I’ve worked with several of these groups in the past. Just an example, but none of us will be paid for attending – I’d bet my life on it. Why is this difficult for some to accept?


Is there reliable proof for this claim


I.never thought for a moment they were spontaneous! :nope:


Of course you didn’t.


Do you have evidence that it is true? The person making the positive claim needs to provide the evidence.


They just can’t accept that so many people are willing to go out and protest against their side’s policies, I guess. They need to believe that it’s all fake.


I don’t think the poster is insinuating all protesters are paid at every protest, but I know
for a fact some protesters have been paid at different events. Why is this so hard to believe?


How many are paid? By whom and where, specifically? I could be persuaded to believe with actual credible evidence.


How do you know this for a fact?




Those are not reliable sources.


The liberals favorite NYT

Fox News Planned Parenthood affiliate running ads for people to stop Trump following election.

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