These European countries are willing to accept some migrants—but only if they’re Christian

Europe doesn’t have much to be proud of following the record number of people, including many from Syria, that have arrived on its shores this year. But recent moves by countries in eastern Europe to cherry-pick refugees based on religion—specifically favoring Christian refugees over Muslims—are getting particularly ugly.

Earlier this month, Slovakia’s interior ministry said it would be willing to take in 200 refugees, but would strongly prefer non-Muslims. “We want to choose people who really want to start a new life in Slovakia. Slovakia as a Christian country can really help Christians from Syria to find new home in Slovakia,” said Ivan Netik, a spokesman for the ministry, according to Reuters. “In Slovakia we have really tiny community of Muslims. We even don’t have mosques.”

I can understand their concern.

When did sovereign nations - except the U.S. of course - lose the right to determine who is allowed into their countries?

I’m reminded of a quote from “Blazing Saddles,” which is culturally, socially, and morally profane, so I won’t post it here.

At least someone is. Being Christian seems to be the Obama administration’s sole criteria for rejecting refugees.

What about all the people coming from Mexico, Central and South America? They’re probably overwhelmingly Catholic.

I can understand it as well. Muslims have a tendency to move to other countries full of opportunity (for obvious reasons) but then insist on enacting the same suppressive laws there that caused the problems in their home countries that they fled from. They don’t seem to understand that 1 + 1 =2 and want Sharia law enacted everywhere they go. Additionally, radicalized Muslims end up as home-grown terrorists, such as the Boston Bombers here in the United States. I think some common sense has to exist. Freedom of religion is an important fundamental right, but we should not let it be abused by what is effectively a violent and controlling faith with world domination as one of its goals. Islam is incompatible with Western freedom.

Those are not refuges like the ones from Syria and Iraq. They are also not coming here legally, and LEGAL migration is the topic at hand. In order to come here from Syria, Iraq, or anywhere in the Middle East as a refugee, you best not be Christian.

I wouldn’t take that for granted.

I would say they are overwhelmingly nominally Catholic. As a Texan, by nature of my geography, I come into contact with a large number of illegal immigrants. Religiosity isn’t what I would call a defining characteristic. Propensity to birth future Democrat (and even more irreligious than their parents) voters is a highly desirable trait for those currently in power though.

Not only are Christians refugees not allowed in based on a shameful desire to show no “preferential treatment”, the detestable Episcopal Church (ECUSA) is a party to it.

I am glad I left the Episcopal church!

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