These Nine States Will Vote on Legalizing Recreational and Medical Marijuana


Nine states have marijuana measures on the ballot this November, and chances are good that many will pass — giving pot advocates high hopes that the federal government will eventually lift its nationwide ban.

In five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — voters will decide on legalizing the recreational use of marijuana . . .

And marijuana still has a long way to go before it’s accepted on the federal level. Just last week, the Drug Enforcement Administration denied a request to change its classification from Schedule I – the most restrictive class which also includes heroin, LSD and ecstasy – to a category with fewer restrictions.

I first heard about this . . . on the Canadian news. :o

All this proposed social engineering going on under the radar as the the MSM exclusively concentrates on the National Election.

Citizens will be able to be comfortably stoned 24/7 while the government provides them breakfast, lunch, and dinner and our rights will be interpreted as non-existent as the U.S. Supreme Court tears up the Bill of Rights.

I really don’t even have time to comment about it.


After medical marijuana became legal in Oregon, I asked every one of my mother’s doctors if they would sign a permit for her. She had cancer, neuropathy, severe pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. She had all kinds of illnesses for which a person could be legally issued a marijuana permit. Every single one of her providers acted like I was about to stab them to death with a butcher knife whenever I mentioned the subject. They couldn’t get away from me quick enough.

Fast forward to Oregon’s complete legalization of marijuana, both medical and recreational. Talk about a 180 degree turnabout. EVERY SINGLE ONE of her providers: doctors, nurses, physical therapists, you name it, every single one now HIGHLY recommended marijuana for all her ills. They were practically falling over themselves suggesting that she try it. What a difference legalization makes. There is real medicine in cannabis, be assured. And every doctor knows it.


Yeah, social engineering. I never thought of it that way. :thumbsup:


I’d rather people be stoned than drunk. Which is now completely legal.


drugs kill. Drugs steal our minds, drugs demotivate us and keep us in a state of imbecilic apathy. We have lots of drugs to help people in pain already. Marijuana is a dirty filthy habit. It stinks, we outlawed smoking cigarettes, but now marijuana is a-OK??? All the excuses the druggies can come up with to “legalize” being stoned are just like all the flimsy nonsensical reasons why it is ok to kill a person in the womb. it’s “legal”. Slavery used to be legal, too and rubber stamped by the Supreme Court. That did not make it right. All this maneuvering and justification is no different. It’s still wrong.


I once took one dose of diluted legal medical marajuana for a health condition and I went nuts. Worst experience of my entiire life! If that’s what being high feels like I sure as heck don’t understand why anyone would actually desire that state. I say no to its legalization. :nope:


The negative effects of marijuana are well documented. As far as the medical benefits, why is it not approved by the FDA and sold in pharmacies?

Marijuana appears to help some patients but the scientific data is slim and the suppliers may not be growing the same type of marijuana.

Recreational marijuana is an abuse of the mind and body.



The dose I took was legal and pharmaceutical. Didn’t help one bit and had the worst experience of my entire life.

Not good stuff. :nope:


Once we legalize cannabis, the opioid crisis will disappear. It’s appalling to me that booze is legal and marijuana is Schedule 1! Can’t WAIT to see those laws change everywhere. Marijuana prohibition ruins lives.


I urge you to contact a marijuana rehab center and explain it to them. A google search will turn up enough.

Do you know what opioids are?

The crisis will not disappear.



My wife and I both voted YES for medical marijuana here in Florida…we had to watch my wifes sister in terrible pain dying with cancer 5 years ago…her husband was able to get a bottle of some sort of marijuana paste from another state…it took away most of her pain where all the high dose drugs had absolutely no effect…she wasn’t in pain when she passed away…that’s why we voted yes…who would want to deny someone to end their pain if it would help…and I’ve read and heard of other cases where it has helped those with epilepsy…and some who are going through chemo say it takes away the nausea associated with chemo


I once smoked a cigarette, and it made me quite ill. I hate tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, they should not be legal.


I wouldn’t mind. :wink:

But pot is a far cry from tobacco. I’m not against it for a prescription medicine, even though it made me so ill, but people taking it need to be seen regularly by a physician to make sure it isn’t hurting them or becoming addictive. It should not be accessible to the public or made OTC.


Look what has happened in Colorado. It should act as a warning for other states.

Here’s a report saying that, “Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana has led to an increase in the number of babies being born THC-positive.”

A report on a study last year found, “According to a report released this month by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Colorado saw a 29 percent increase in emergency room visits, and a 38 percent increase in hospitalizations during retail marijuana’s first year.”


Medicine might be one thing, and it should be in ‘pill’ form I believe (Which they have done with the Oil I believe), not smoked. Recreational use is something entirely different. Not to mention the second hand smoke others will be unjustly subject to.

Just because the president was dumb enough to smoke that **** doesn’t mean he has to get the whole Country smoking that ****.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


So if it’s as powerful a drug as one says, why on earth would one legalize it for recreational use? It also stays in their system for several days so people will be driving and operating dangerous equipment stoned.

Hence why I would be okay if it were medically, and only in pill form for extreme cases, but no way would I give the green light to recreational use. I think that’s madness.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


It’s not about about recreational use here in Florida…it’s for medical use only…last time it was voted on here in Florida I think it was 57% in favor…there had to be a majority vote of 60% so it fell short


This makes no sense and is just one non sequitur after another, what are you talking about!!???


I have had the same reaction to every single drug I’ve been given in a hospital for pain. Was paranoid and vomiting from an epidural for a C-section when I had my multiples. Then sobbing and wanting to die, and vomiting ( minor reaction) for 2 days while on pain meds following surgery and subsequent redressing of extensive injury in my extremities. Everyone reacts differently to medication, I will not take any over the counter “cold medicine” for anything for any amount of money because of adverse reactions. Even novocaine for dental work affects me badly leaving me stupid, and depressed, and crying with an angry stomach.:shrug: Maybe there is something in marijuana that would agree with me (I doubt it) but if it continues to be treated the way it is by the federal government no one will be allowed to investigate it’s potential, I disagree with that. Hundreds of plants and animal have contributed to medical science, marijuana should be given the green light to contribute what it has to offer just as Foxglove has, but through legitimate research.


The War on Drugs is a disaster to say the least. It’s true that cannabis is misused, but then again so are fattening foods and alcohol.

And we all know how Prohibition went…

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