These passages scare me: please help

Mt 24:13 - those who persevere to the end will be saved
Rom 11:22 - remain in his kindness or you will be cut off
Gal 5:4 - separated from Christ, you’ve fallen from grace
2Tim 2:11-13 - must hold out to the end to reign with Christ
Hb 6:4-6 - describes sharers in Holy Spirit who then fall away
Heb 10:26-27 - if sin after receiving truth, judgment remains

Especially Heb 10:26-27. Does this mean that if we commit the same sin more than once we can’t be forgiven? Or that if we fall inbetween we can’t be saved? I don’t want to fall into the sin of despair but I am so confused and honestly scared!

No, it doesn’t mean either of those things.

Do you know what it means instead?

We all suffer from those concerns and much more. Yet, we are at peace and called to peace.

Your problem is: Fear.

Talk to Father.
Talk to doctor.


Ok. Yes I do struggle with fear

It means we can never give up. To follow Christ means it must be a constant until the end of our lives. We fall we must get up and try again.


So does the gospel Of Jesus and forgiveness make sense if either of those two things are true? Did peter deny three times did Jesus say to forgive seventy times seven? If reading the scriptures cannot be done for you without fear then you should not be reading them without guidance.

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Same, i try not to have fear but then people tell me if i am not fearing God enough then i am being presumptuous and taking his mercy for granted.

You have your solution at hand. Believe in Jesus?

“I have come, not to condemn the world, but to save it.”
“Do not let your hearts be troubled.”
“In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, for I have overcome this world.”
“If I do not go to the Father, I cannot prepare a place for you.”
“Peace I leave you, My peace I give you.”

You see the general thrust of what Jesus said to you and me? Reach out for help with your fear. God is waiting to grant you the grace to overcome your fear, just as His Son overcame this world.

Do not remain in fear. Call out to the Lord for help. Reach out for help from those He has created to help you.


You’re right. I need guidance. When I read the passages that scare me it makes me forget about the ones that give me peace. I’ve been trying to get closer to God by reading the Bible but I definitely don’t understand what’s being said so I have to stop trying on my own. That’s why I ask these questions on here

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Ok so when it says there will be no more sacrifice for sins it means if we stop believing? So we will still sin here and there even when believing but as long as we keep on going we can be forgiven?

You can definitely be forgiven many different times for the same kind of sin as long as you are contrite – that’s authoritative teaching (I believe one of the councils used the phrase ‘over and over again’).

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Ok thank you

Don’t give up, don’t leave Catholicism, if you commit a mortal sin go to confession.

Remain in a state of grace ie do not commit a mortal sin. Committing a mortal sin cuts us off from the life of sanctifying grace.

Mortal sin separates us from Christ, and consequently you’ve fallen from the state of grace into the state of mortal sin.

Same as the first one. Ask God to grant you the grace of perseverence. Every time we commit a mortal sin, repent, go to confession and pick yourself up again, don’t give up, but continue on.

Catholics who are sharers in the Holy Spirit (baptism and confirmation), who then fall away ie mortal sin or who abandon the Catholic Faith.

All sin has the component of reparation for sin in addition to the forgiveness of the sin itself. Similar to the breaking of your parents window - your parents forgive you but you still have to make amends for breaking the window ie extra chores or doing jobs for money to help pay for it. So after we sin, we ask God for forgiveness, but there is still the reparation to be made. And we are judged at our personal judgement when we die - our good deeds and our sins will be judged.




We will struggle with sin to some degree or another throughout our lives, until we get to heaven-- that’s why every Mass starts with a penitential rite. One of the councils taught that venial sin will not be completely avoidable for us. The key is being contrite and never giving up.


Thanks for taking the time to explain each one


We are fallen human beings. We are sinners but it does not mean we must accept our sins. We should mourn over our sins because each and every sin hurts Our Lord. We can’t dwell in our sin but work tirelessly to overcome our sin. “I firmly resolve with the help of they Grace to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin Amen!”. A Saint is a sinner who never stops trying. We must always be truly sorry for our sin( s), ask forgiveness and repent (change). We will fall but we must get up and by the Grace of God try to do better.


Ok that describes me. Thank you very much

Do you have a spiritual director? – ONE priest with whom you can work through your concerns and to whom you can confess (as often as he feels you need). I’ve benefited greatly and made much progress against scrupulosity by limiting myself to one priest / confessor in whom I can confide.


I used to feel that if I wasn’t in constant fear as to the state of my soul, then I was being presumptuous. I know now that that’s scrupulosity.

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