Thessalonians 5

18 In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all. 19 Extinguish not the spirit. 20 Despise not prophecies. 21 But prove all things;** hold fast that which is good.** 22 From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves.

Don’t know if this is in the right section, but I’m wondering if there is anything good to hold onto in unapproved apparitions or revelations?
The reason I’m asking is there are people who claim healing’s from some of those alleged apparitions, and is there anything good in them at-all, or is this taking Thessalonians in the wrong context ?

Prayer being a one of example of what is good about them…

Please forgive me for speaking from an uninformed position, but a similar question came up on another thread and I didn’t grasp what some of the other posters were saying.

In that case, there was a prayer that appeared to be a perfectly wonderful prayer, and was compatible with Catholic teachings and even bore resemblance to some unquestionably Catholic prayers. The essence of the question was, since the prayer was attributed to a possibly unapproved apparition, is it risky or dangerous to recite that prayer?

I couldn’t understand why it mattered so much what the source was, if it was a good prayer. Good Catholics accept money from anti-Catholic employers and it blesses them with groceries and electricity regardless of the source. If it works, it works.

How are prayers different from that, in such a way that one has to know the original source before it’s OK to use them? What if the source was approved, but then an earlier, unapproved source is uncovered? Would that make the prayer risky?

For example, is it dangerous to pray the “serenity prayer,” or did it originate from an approved Catholic source?

Anyways, thank you for starting this thread. I am eager to see where it goes.


I’m not sure which is why I asked, because I’ve seen Thessalonians quoted in defence of certain opinions , views.
We had a Priest here one time who was going on about Catholic Relics, he wasn’t in favour of them, or more to the point he thought they were a bit over the top.
One example he quoted was, that somebody was healed by a peice of rope that hung Tom Dooley :eek:
Prime example of someone being cured by something used for the death of someone…
He was probably jesting, I’m sure it’s hardly documented, anyway another example is Maria Esperanza, Bethania has been accepted, but not sure if the mystical experiences of Maria have, Hold on to what is good ?

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