TheWrap Investigates: 11 Players Have Committed Suicide

Susan Boyle should consider herself lucky that when she was rushed to the hospital a day after the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale, it was only for exhaustion.

A Wrap investigation shows that the reality of reality shows is not nearly so benign: at least 11 reality-show participants have taken their own lives – and two more who have tried to – in tragedies that appear to be linked to their experience on television shows…Certainly, many of these people had pre-existing problems, which may have been why they were looking for such instant TV fame in the first place. But mental-health workers have discovered that many contestants on shows like “Survivor” and “Big Brother” – even those who win – suffer severe and often long-lasting psychological trauma…

Yes, television has moral implications.

There’s nothing REAL about reality television. It’s a way for the networks to put cheap programming on the air.

Who else but the mentally unstable would sign up to be on one of these shows anyway?

Having said all that, the suicides are a tragedy. I feel terrible for their family and friends, and for those who felt that taking their own lives was the only way out of their misery.

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