They come in threes!


Friday was like one good thing on top of another until I was practically covered up by them :smiley: I don’t know why God chose us for all this good stuff, He sure knows we don’t deserve it, but praise Him for picking us anyway!!!

My friend who has been struggling in some of her nursing classes called to tell me it’s going to be easier to pass than she thought because she has ten extra points she can miss on the final test, and that test is over less info than the other tests so she’s pretty confident :thumbsup: Extra prayers for her please, because she’s in Missouri and wants to train to be a midwife in Missouri – those are extremely rare coughnonexistentcough around here.

My husband got a call back from a company he dropped his resume off with a week ago and they wanted to interview him asap – he went a few hours later (I sat in the truck because I couldn’t wait until he got back home to hear how it went) and almost TWO HOURS later, he came out and said he got the job! On the drive home he mentioned maybe we should move closer but I said I had already told our landlady that we would be staying at our current house for another year and I wouldn’t feel comfortable breaking that verbal agreement unless we found someone to replace us (current lease is up in less than a month and that’s not enough time for her to advertise and show the place).

We got together with friends and played games all evening and one of our friends said the place they were going to rent fell through, and he asked if I knew of a place that he and a friend or two of his could rent. I looked at my husband and we said how about our place? He said he would ask his friends about it, but it sounded like it might work to him.

Oh, and this might be tmi for some but we weren’t using NFP to avoid this cycle, and I’ve not got any symptoms of AF coming yet (no cramping like usual, but not technically late yet) so maybe a baby in the picture too :eek: or maybe just stress from the upcoming finals week :shrug: We’ll see pretty soon, but I’m trying to not get too excited about this possibility yet (easier said than done, especially with my sister’s new son being due in June).

Anybody have any good ideas what kind of a car we could get that would be safe and fuel efficient? Neither one of us has actually bought a vehical before. One truck just isn’t going to cut it with both of us working in different places (not to mention the possibility of a little one)!!


WooHoo, Journey!!!

Happy dance for You!!!:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

I will pray that you continue to feel no AF symptoms:D

As for a car, first, I don’t think I would buy a “new” one. I have always had great luck with my toyota and hondas. They get pretty good gas mileage, too. That is always a plus.

Hope the good luck continues.


You bum I have to find this out on a forum. Yippee for your hubby getting a job. Cool beans on the house. You know I’ll be fine school wise and I’ll be a midwife before you are done having babies. You know how I feel about the you being preggers thing so I will leave that one be. :thumbsup:

Oh and a Kia or a Toyota and there are some good used car dealerships up here.


Thanks tamarmp!

Hey, you gotta study hard girl! I didn’t want to interrupt. We may have to come visit pretty quick to visit some of those dealerships (and go to a TLM while where up there :wink: ).


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