They forgot the choir!

I just need to vent for a minute…

On the night that commerates the institution of the Eucharist, they choir was left out of Holy Communion! There were 2 priests and multiple EMHC’s and no one thought the go up to the loft. Someone comes up every Sunday for us, so its not like bringing Communion to us is somthing out of the ordinary.

It really felt like torture not receiving Jesus. I felt empty.

Fortunately, someone remembered us last might at the Good Friday Service. I went up to the EMHC afterward to thank her.

Ok, I feel better now! :slight_smile:

Sorry you had to miss out on Holy Thursday! Our choir loft is so high up that it would probably be considered cruel and unusual punishment to ask anyone not in the choir to go up there. :smiley: There wouldn’t be enough time for all of us to go down the stairs to receive, and get back up again. We have a few choir members who are EMHCs, and one of them will administer Holy Communion each Sunday. Perhaps one or more members of your choir could be installed as EMHCs for that purpose?

Incidentally, we used the side loft last night (Good Friday) – it’s not so high up. One of the seminarians came upstairs to administer Holy Communion. :thumbsup:

In our parish, the choir is usually singing throughout the distribution of Holy Communion, and they come downstairs to receive AFTER Mass. I’m surprised no one thought to ask after Mass for your choir to be given Holy Communion.


My wife directs choirs; they are usually forgotten. Best solution we have found is to have one EMHC assigned to the choir.

While it is possible to receive after mass, it damages the sense of community not to receive when the rest do.

Our choir receives Communion first, but they are not in a loft. There are a few moments of silence before the Communion Meditation begins, but who’s going to object to that?:wink:

The Church actually…
actually, the communion song is supposed to start when the priest receives the Eucharist.

I prefer the communion meditation to be done in silence.

Seems many people fear silence.

Our schola comes down from the loft to receive. They are the last in line, so there is music until they come down. I don’t think the silence during that period (after one or two communion hymns/chants) hurts the liturgy at all.

Our schola didn’t get to venerate the Cross on Good Friday. People don’t plan things anymore.

In our parish, there are several members of the choir who are EMHCs. One of them will come down from the choir loft at the same time the other EMHCs go to the altar. The choir EMHC receives a pyx with enough hosts for the choir and organist, and takes it up to the choir loft to distribute to everyone there.

It works out really well and no one is forgotten.

I long ago learned that as a management technique. If I keep my mouth shut someone will have to come up with a solution, and implicitly volunteer to implement it. :wink:

Here they come down in turns.

It’s not a question of logistics with us. Every Mass we are at, there is an EMHC that comes up to bring communion. The problem was on Holy Thursday, no one came. We were not forgotten for the rest of the Tridium.

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