They found the Higgs! Or at least they think..

I’m glad because I’ve been wondering for years where I had lost my Higgs:hmmm:

Just because it is named the “God Particle” it does NOT mean it is related to God. This is just a buzzword used by scientists to gather attention, and justify the Billions of spending in Research. Hopefully, this discovery will allow for technology to continue to progress, and we may continue to have new gadgets like iPads, iPhones, and the sort.

For example, colleagues and I refer to the High Occupancy Toll Lanes in freeways (in the USA): Diamond Lanes. The Untolled lanes in freeways as the Zirconium Lanes. Does this mean they are related to Diamonds, and Zirconium? No.

Even bumblebees know buzzwords!:smiley:


Oh dear, God is disproven AGAIN! :eek:

There’s a particular trap that Scientists (such as myself) can run into - that ask we gain more knowledge about the God’s universe, that we begin to think that we “know it all” and we can discount the mystery of God.

If anything, while the discovery of the particle will unify some theories, the general thrust of science leads to more questions and more mystery. A thoughtful scientist indeed should ruminate on this, and perhaps, wonder if indeed the mysteries of this universe are perhaps infinite even if we begin to understand more of it.

My megre .02 cents (.00037 adjusted for inflation)

I heard he originally wanted to change the title of his book “The God Particle” to “The Goddamn Particle” because it was so elusive.

Anyway I think it’s interesting how none of the media can even summarize what is meant by the existance of the particle.They just keep saying it’s really important to understand mass and the origin of the universe.

I think I have too many Higgs-bosons and that’s why I’m overweight!

It’s an important discovery for science, I happen to have a lot of scientist friends who are delighted! However, I’ve already seen it being used to undermine the Church which is funny cos it doesn’t seem to answer anything or disprove God’s existence but lazy analogies will be made.:shrug:

why is this in N-C Religions?

Even if the creation of the universe involved this particle, why do people interpret that as proof that God does not exist? It may render God unnecessary to some people (despite the fact that this particle had to come from somewhere, too), but what does that disprove?

The world doesn’t need me to exist. Had I never existed, the world would be pretty much the same. The world doesn’t need me in order to be. Yet, here I am.

I’m very distasteful of the other notion that God would only exist in a nonsensical universe. If the world expresses order and cause-consequence form, then there must be no God, since the only context in which God can operate is in the impossible. Goe would never create a universe with laws and order. I guess.

I’m in a scientific field as well, albeit a social rather than physical one. And yes, there is a lot of know-it-allism in these fields. We get too proud of ourselves. I think when theologians denigrate reason, this is why. Reason in itself is not bad; in fact, it is one of God’s gifts. But just like any other gift (sexuality, etc.) it can hurt us if we use it inappropriately. We have a inherent desire to consider ourselves better than others, to have a following, to be praised. Reason often fulfills that by making us consider ourselves smarter than other people, like we’re in on some secret they’re too stupid to understand. (Their arguments to the contrary - that they do understand, but do not agree, is only further proof of their ignorance, since obviously anyone with reason would naturally agree with you.) Which person does not get that little twinge of satisfaction from correcting someone?

So in sum, I would say that our nature makes it difficult to maintain humility with reason, but it can be done.

In this case, note that the physicists are not the one saying this, but the media. In fact, if people did some research they will find that those mostly connected to the Higgs particle did not want it named the “God Particle”.

The ancient heresy of Gnosticism is based on the premise that “we’re in on some secret that others are too stupid to understand,” Same as today where some products such as Harley Motor Bikes and Jeep vehicles use the tag line “It’s a Harley (or Jeep) thing, you wouldn’t understand.” ( Frankly I don’t see the big deal in driving either product so I guess I’m just not in the know!):shrug:

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